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A Computing Procedure for Quantification Theory
The hope that mathematical methods employed in the investigation of formal logic would lead to purely computational methods for obtaining mathematical theorems goes back to Leibniz and has been revived by Peano around the turn of the century and by Hilbert's school in the 1920's. Expand
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Mind, language, and reality
Introduction 1. Language and philosophy 2. The analytic and synthetic 3. Do true assertions correspond to reality? 4. Some issues in the theory of grammar 5. The 'innateness hypothesis' andExpand
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The Collapse of the Fact/Value Dichotomy and Other Essays
Although it is on occasion important and useful to distinguish between factual claims and value judgments, the distinction becomes, Hilary Putnam argues, positively harmful when identified with aExpand
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What is mathematical truth
In this paper I argue that mathematics should be interpreted realistically – that is, that mathematics makes assertions that are objectively true or false, independently of the human mind, and thatExpand
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Representation and Reality
Part 1 Meaning and mentalism: Fodor and Chomsky three reasons why mentalism can't be right connections between 1,2, and 3. Part 2 Meaning, other people and the world: the division of linguisticExpand
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Reason, Truth and History.
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Unity of Science as a Working Hypothesis
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Meaning and Reference
the sigmcl derivative j [SCC(x)] w ill contain a component of the input \vhltc noise. To estimate this comimncnt and to incorporate the re\ults into the ddTcrcntlator would have no si:nific:incc forExpand
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Meaning and the Moral Sciences.
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