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Will They Do it Again?: Risk Assessment and Management in Criminal Justice and Psychiatry
Focus in the media on the risks posed to ordinary people has become increasingly strong in recent years - particularly on those risks popularly perceived to be posed by the mentally ill. But howExpand
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Fire-Raising: Its motivation and management
In recent years, fire-raising has become an increasing problem in Britain and elsewhere, and now involves many professionals in the investigation and management of those who set fires. The motives ofExpand
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Offenders, deviants or patients?
Acknowledgements. Foreword. Preface. List of Tables and Figures. Part I: Legal and Administrative Frameworks. Problem Areas Revisited. Responsibility (Liability) for Crime. Systems of Disposal. PartExpand
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Dangerous behaviour, the law, and mental disorder
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Motives for Arson (Fire Raising)
Using a sample of imprisoned arsonists, an attempt is made to present a more refined classification of motivation than has been offered in the past. The need for psychiatric opinion on all arsonistsExpand
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Free will and responsibility: a guide for practitioners
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The Michael Stone Inquiry: A somewhat different homicide report
Abstract The report into the care, treatment, and supervision of Michael Stone is commented upon; special attention is paid to questions of anonymity, confidentiality, inter-agency communication, andExpand
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Editorial: Fire — ‘Good Servant – Bad Master’
  • H. Prins
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  • Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1 January 1994
The phenomenon of fire has always played a significant and many-sided part in the history of human-kind. Throughout this history it has been put to many uses; for example, as an agent of succour,Expand
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Inquiries after Homicide in England and Wales
  • H. Prins
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  • Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1 July 1998
Recent instruction from the Department of Health requires the institution of an independent inquiry into all cases of homicide committed by those who have been in contact with the psychiatricExpand
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Mental disorder and violent crime: A problematic relationship
This article discusses the problems inherent in demonstrating the relationships between mentally-disordered states and crimes of violence. Particular mental states are selected, somewhat arbitrarily,Expand
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