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HILDA: A Discourse Parser Using Support Vector Machine Classification
Discourse structures have a central role in several computational tasks, such as question-answering or dialogue generation. In particular, the framework of the Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST)Expand
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we report on our efforts in developing affective character-based interfaces, i.e., interfaces that recognize and measure affective information of the user and address userExpand
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A Novel Discourse Parser Based on Support Vector Machine Classification
This paper introduces a new algorithm to parse discourse within the framework of Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST). Our method is based on recent advances in the field of statistical machine learningExpand
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Social role awareness in animated agents
This paper promotes {\itshape social role awareness\/} as a desirable capability of animated agents, that are by now strong affective reasoners, but otherwise often lack the social competenceExpand
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Recognition of Affect, Judgment, and Appreciation in Text
The main task we address in our research is classification of text using fine-grained attitude labels. The developed @AM system relies on the compositionality principle and a novel approach based onExpand
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SentiFul: A Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis
In this paper, we describe methods to automatically generate and score a new sentiment lexicon, called SentiFul, and expand it through direct synonymy and antonymy relations, hyponymy relations,Expand
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Affect Analysis Model: novel rule-based approach to affect sensing from text
In this paper, we address the tasks of recognition and interpretation of affect communicated through text messaging in online communication environments. Specifically, we focus on Instant MessagingExpand
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Communicating emotions in online chat using physiological sensors and animated text
We present a chat system that uses animateddynamic text associated with emotional information to show the affective state of the user. The system obtains the affective state of a chat user from aExpand
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Scripting affective communication with life-like characters in web-based interaction systems
In this paper, we discuss scripting tools that aim at facilitating the design of Web-based interactions with animated characters capable of affective communication. Specifically, two systems areExpand
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A chat system based on emotion estimation from text and embodied conversational messengers
This short paper contains a preliminary description of a novel type of chat system that aims at realizing natural and social communication between distant communication partners. The system is basedExpand
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