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Fuzzy sets and systems: theory and applications
  • D. Dubois, H. Prade
  • Computer Science
    Mathematics in science and engineering
  • 15 July 2011
This book effectively constitutes a detailed annotated bibliography in quasitextbook style of the some thousand contributions deemed by Messrs. Dubois and Prade to belong to the area of fuzzy set
It is argued that both notions of a rough set and a fuzzy set aim to different purposes, and it is more natural to try to combine the two models of uncertainty (vagueness and coarseness) rather than to have them compete on the same problems.
Possibility Theory - An Approach to Computerized Processing of Uncertainty
This chapter discusses the use of Fuzzy Sets for the Evaluation and Ranking of Objects, a Quantitative Approach to Multiaspect Choice, and some of the techniques used in this approach.
Operations on fuzzy numbers
The usual algebraic operations on real numbers are extended to fuzzy numbers by the use of a fuzzification principle, and the practical use of fuzzified operations is shown to be easy, requiring no more computation than when dealing with error intervals in classic tolerance analysis.
Putting Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets Together
In this paper we argue that fuzzy sets and rough sets aim to different purposes and that it is more natural to try to combine the two models of uncertainty (vagueness for fuzzy sets and coarseness
Possibilistic logic
Possibilistic logic is a logic of uncertainty tailored for reasoning under incomplete evidence and partially inconsistent knowledge. At the syntactic level it handles formulas of propositional or
Ranking fuzzy numbers in the setting of possibility theory
Representation and combination of uncertainty with belief functions and possibility measures
The framework of belief functions in terms of expressive power for knowledge representation is examined and it is indicated that combination rules issued from fuzzy set and possibility theory look more flexible than Dempster rule because many variants exist, and their numerical stability seems to be better.