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Fuzzy sets and systems: theory and applications
  • D. Dubois, H. Prade
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics in science and engineering
  • 15 July 2011
This book effectively constitutes a detailed annotated bibliography in quasitextbook style of the some thousand contributions deemed by Messrs. Dubois and Prade to belong to the area of fuzzy set theory and its applications or interactions in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines. Expand
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Possibility Theory - An Approach to Computerized Processing of Uncertainty
1. Measures of Possibility and Fuzzy Sets.- 1.1. Imprecision and Uncertainty.- 1.2. Traditional Models of Imprecision and Uncertainty.- 1.3. Confidence Measures.- 1.3.1. Measures of Possibility andExpand
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The notion of a rough set introduced by Pawlak has often been compared to that of a fuzzy set, sometimes with a view to prove that one is more general, or, more useful than the other. In this paperExpand
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Operations on fuzzy numbers
A fuzzy number is a fuzzy subset of the real line whose highest membership values are clustered around a given real number called the mean value ; the membership function is monotonia on both sidesExpand
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Putting Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets Together
In this paper we argue that fuzzy sets and rough sets aim to different purposes and that it is more natural to try to combine the two models of uncertainty (vagueness for fuzzy set and coarseness for rough sets) in order to get a more accurate account of imperfect information. Expand
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The mean value of a fuzzy number
Abstract The notion of expectation is defined for fuzzy numbers of intervals, viewing them as consonant random sets. This expectation is interval-valued and remains additive in the sense of fuzzyExpand
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Possibilistic logic
Possibilistic logic is a logic of uncertainty tailored for reasoning under incomplete evidence and partially inconsistent knowledge. Expand
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Ranking fuzzy numbers in the setting of possibility theory
A complete set of comparison indices is proposed in the framework of Zadeh's possibility theory for the representation and arithmetic manipulation of fuzzy numbers or fuzzy intervals. Expand
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A review of fuzzy set aggregation connectives
This paper provides an extensive survey on fuzzy set-theoretic operations, and emphasizes the relevance of the theory of functional equations in the axiomatical construction of classes of such operations and the derivation of functional representations. Expand
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Representation and combination of uncertainty with belief functions and possibility measures
The theory of evidence proposed by G. Shafer is gaining more and more acceptance in the field of artificial intelligence, for the purpose of managing uncertainty in knowledge bases. Expand
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