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Electrotrawling: a promising alternative fishing technique warranting further exploration
In trawl fisheries, beam trawls with tickler chains, chain mats or bobbin ropes are used to target flatfish or shrimp. High fuel consumption, seabed disturbance and high discard rates are well-known
Measuring and assessing the physical impact of beam trawling
Beam trawling causes physical disruption of the seabed through contact of the gear components with the sediment and the resuspension of sediment into the water column in the turbulent wake of the
Estimating seabed pressure from demersal trawls, seines, and dredges based on gear design and dimensions
This study assesses the seabed pressure of towed fishing gears and models the physical impact (area and depth of seabed penetration) from trip-based information of vessel size, gear type, and catch.
Evaluation of the sieve net as a selectivity-improving device in the Belgian brown shrimp (Crangon crangon) fishery
The sieve net showed very poor selective properties for commercial fish species with a length below 10 cm, but above 10  cm the selection improved with increasing length, and especially for Age 1 and older fish, this selective device serves its purpose.
Determining the safety range of electrical pulses for two benthic invertebrates: brown shrimp (Crangon crangon L.) and ragworm (Alitta virens S.)
A lack of irreversible lesions in ragworm and shrimp as a direct consequence of exposure to electric pulses administered in the laboratory is revealed, and a significant increase in mortality or injuries was encountered for either species within the range of pulse parameters tested.
Laboratory Study of the Impact of Repetitive Electrical and Mechanical Stimulation on Brown Shrimp Crangon crangon
It can be concluded that repetitive exposure to a cramp stimulus and mechanical stimulation may have negative effects on the growth and/or survival of brown shrimp, and there is no evidence that electrical stimulation during electrotrawls would have a larger negative impact on brown shrimp stocks than mechanical stimulation during conventional beam trawling.