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In situ photoexcitation of silver-doped titania nanopowders for activity against bacteria and yeasts.
Doping of amorphous titania with Ag resulted in an anti-MRSA effect without exposure to UV radiation, and in the Ag-doped crystalline anatase samples, the size of Ag primary nanocrystallites increased, which led to the decrease in the surface concentration of Ag and detriment anti- MRSA activity. Expand
Sol-gel technology for biomedical engineering
Sol-gel derived silica possess many promising features, including low-temperature preparation procedure, porosity, chemical and physical stability. Applications exploiting porous materials toExpand
Bacteria species identification by the statistical analysis of bacterial colonies Fresnel patterns.
It was demonstrated that statistical analysis of bacteria colonies Fresnel patterns recorded in the optical system with converging spherical wave illumination is suitable for highly effectiveExpand
Application of thermovision for analysis of superficial temperature distribution changes after physiotherapy
The thermovision allowed to find out the different responses to the physiotherapy in younger and older persons, what should be taken into account by therapy planning. Expand
Measuring ophthalmologic surfaces by means of moire deflectometry
A new technique for measuring ophthalmologic surfaces such as aspheric contact lenses and the human cornea is proposed in this paper. The method is based on the principle of moire´ deflectometry. InExpand
Interstitial Laser-Induced Thermotherapy (LITT): Comparison of In-Vitro Irradiation Effects of Nd:YAG (1064 nm) and Diode (940 nm) Laser
The results have shown that the 940 nm diode laser could be a possible alternative for the Nd:YAG laser especially in the interstitial treatment of pale tissue, and can be successfully applied even for the treatment of high absorbing tissue if small coagulation volumes are needed. Expand
10th Anniversary of the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised (3P) Medicine - EPMA World Congress Supplement 2020
The EPMA World Congress Supplement 2020 highlights advances in 3P medicine. Expand
Optical properties of sol–gel coatings for fiberoptic sensors
Abstract Sol–gel-derived materials can be exploited for the construction of various optoelectronic devices, including sensors optodes and their protective layers, as well as other kinds of coatings.Expand
Nanotechnology for biomedical applications - enhancement of photodynamic activity by nanomaterials
Over the last two decades nanotechnology has become one of the most dynamically evolving field of research. The unique properties of nanomaterials, not disclosing at microscale, are examined andExpand
Application of thermal imaging to assess the superficial skin temperature distribution after local cryotherapy and ultrasound
The temperature decrease considerably depends on the sequence of the applied treatments, and it was more significant after the ultrasound–cryotherapy sequence, and these changes also lasted longer. Expand