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High order conservative finite difference scheme for variable density low Mach number turbulent flows
The high order conservative finite difference scheme of Morinishi et al. Y. Morinishi, O.V. Vasilyev, T. Ogi, Fully conservative finite difference scheme in cylindrical coordinates for incompressibleExpand
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Large-eddy simulation of a turbulent piloted methane/air diffusion flame (Sandia flame D)
The Lagrangian Flamelet Model is formulated as a combustion model for large-eddy simulations of turbulent jet diffusion flames. The model is applied in a large-eddy simulation of a piloted partiallyExpand
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An accurate conservative level set/ghost fluid method for simulating turbulent atomization
This paper presents a novel methodology for simulating incompressible two-phase flows by combining an improved version of the conservative level set technique introduced in [E. Olsson, G. Kreiss, AExpand
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An efficient error-propagation-based reduction method for large chemical kinetic mechanisms
Production rates obtained from a detailed chemical mechanism are analyzed in order to quantify the coupling between the various species and reactions involved. These interactions can be representedExpand
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Development of an Experimental Database and Kinetic Models for Surrogate Diesel Fuels
Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations that include realistic combustion/emissions chemistry hold the promise of significantly shortening the development time for advanced high-efficiency,Expand
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A Consistent Flamelet Formulation for Non-Premixed Combustion Considering Differential Diffusion Effects
A flamelet formulation for non-premixed combustion that allows an exact description of differential diffusion has been developed. The main difference to previous formulations is the definition of aExpand
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Laminar burning velocities at high pressure for primary reference fuels and gasoline: Experimental and numerical investigation
Abstract Spherical flames of n -heptane, iso-octane, PRF 87 and gasoline/air mixtures are experimentally investigated to determine laminar burning velocities and Markstein lengths underExpand
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Optimized chemical mechanism for combustion of gasoline surrogate fuels
Abstract Since real petroleum fuels are composed of a huge variety of hydrocarbon components, surrogate mixtures of various hydrocarbon fuels are typically employed in computational research and inExpand
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Chemical mechanism for high temperature combustion of engine relevant fuels with emphasis on soot precursors
This article presents a chemical mechanism for the high temperature combustion of a wide range of hydrocarbon fuels ranging from methane to iso-octane. The emphasis is placed on developing anExpand
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Hybrid large-eddy simulation/Lagrangian filtered-density-function approach for simulating turbulent combustion
A consistent hybrid large-eddy simulation/filtered-density-function approach (LES-FDF) is formulated for variable-density low-Mach-number flows. The LES-FDF approach has been proposed as a suitableExpand
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