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Tumours of the eye and orbit in Ibadan.
Four hundred and forty ocular and orbital tumours seen in Ibadan over 11-year-period (1980-1990) are reviewed. Three quarters of the 252 patients who had enucleation had malignant neoplasms, of whichExpand
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Carcinoma of the oesophagus in Ibadan.
This was a retrospective analysis of 177 histologically confirmed cases of oesophageal carcinoma seen in the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria over a period of 30 years. OesophagealExpand
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Childhood infections in Nigeria: an autopsy study.
Infections are the leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in developing countries. Bronchopneumonia, meningitis and gastroenteritis are the commonest fatal infections encountered inExpand
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Congenital malformations: a review of 672 autopsies in Ibadan, Nigeria.
The postmortem findings in 672 Nigerian children with lethal congenital malformations are reviewed. Eighty-six percent of the patients were less than 1 year of age and the male-to-female sex ratioExpand
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Changing clinicopathological profile of intussusception in Nigeria--a 20-year review.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Intussuception was a common cause of intestinal obstruction at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. A peculiar type characterized by being ceco-colic, and found most commonly inExpand
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The clinicopathological pattern of carcinoma of bronchus and lung in Africa: a 20-year clinical, histopathological, and autopsy study in Ibadan, Nigeria.
The clinicopathological pattern of carcinoma of the bronchus at the University College Hospital, Ibadan over a 20-year period, 1971-1990, was studied. An increased incidence of this disease wasExpand
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Review Article: Dyslipidaemia, Lipid Oxidation, And Free Radicals In Diabetic Nephropathy: An Overview
Diabetes mellitus has assumed an epidemics proportion in most parts of the world including the developing countries, and one of its ominous complications, diabetic nephropathy represents today theExpand
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Primary Orofacial Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Multicenter
RESULTS: The patients' (85 males (57%) and 64 (43%) females.) whose ages ranged from 11-91years (mean ± SD; 54 ± 15.5 years, median 52.5 years) constituted 78.7% of all orofacial malignancies seenExpand
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