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Ridge Regression and Extensions for Genomewide Selection in Maize
This paper reviews properties of ridge regres- sion for genomewide (genomic) selection and establishes close relationships with other meth- ods to model genetic correlation among rela- tives,Expand
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Statistical Analysis of Yield Trials by AMMI and GGE: Further Considerations
Recent review articles in this journal have compared the relative merits of two prominent statistical models for analyzing yield-trial data: Additive main effects and multiplicative interactionExpand
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Continuing wildlife population declines and range contraction in the Mara region of Kenya during 1977-2009
Populations of many wild ungulate species in Africa are in decline largely because of land-use changes and other human activities. Analyses that document these declines and advance our understandingExpand
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Computing Heritability and Selection Response From Unbalanced Plant Breeding Trials
Heritability is often used by plant breeders and geneticists as a measure of precision of a trial or a series of trials. Its main use is for computing the response to selection. Most formulasExpand
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Comparison of Mixed-Model Approaches for Association Mapping
Association-mapping methods promise to overcome the limitations of linkage-mapping methods. The main objectives of this study were to (i) evaluate various methods for association mapping in theExpand
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Genomic selection using regularized linear regression models: ridge regression, lasso, elastic net and their extensions
BackgroundGenomic selection (GS) is emerging as an efficient and cost-effective method for estimating breeding values using molecular markers distributed over the entire genome. In essence, itExpand
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where Yij mean yield of ith genotype in jth environment, , = general mean, gi = effect of ith genotype, ej = effect of jth environment, (ge)ij = interaction of ith genotype and jth environment, EijExpand
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An Algorithm for a Letter-Based Representation of All-Pairwise Comparisons
This article describes a general method for graphically representing any set of t(t−1)/2 all-pairwise significance statements (p values) for t treatments by a familiar letter display, which is applicable regardless of the underlying data structure or the statistical method used for comparisons. Expand
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Efficient phosphorus application strategies for increased crop production in sub-Saharan West Africa
Abstract Comparable data are lacking from the range of environments found in sub-Saharan West Africa to draw more general conclusions about the relative merits of locally available rockphosphateExpand
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The area under the disease progress stairs: calculation, advantage, and application.
The area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC) is frequently used to combine multiple observations of disease progress into a single value. However, our analysis shows that this approach severelyExpand
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