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Abstract : Whistler mode noise leads to electron pitch angle diffusion. Similarly, ion cyclotron noise couples to ions. This diffusion results in particle precipitation into the ionosphere andExpand
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Magnetic Field Annihilation
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Aerodynamic aspects of the magnetospheric flow
Abstract : Numerous phenomena observed at the surface of theearth, in the magnetospheric cavity, and in the neighborhood of its boundary are related to the flow of the solar wind. The extent to whichExpand
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Approach to equilibrium lonization behind strong shock waves in argon
Abstract Previous work on strong shock waves in argon (1–3) has shown that the degree of ionization reaches thermodynamic equilibrium for shock speeds greater than about ten times the speed of soundExpand
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Tail of the magnetosphere
The Chapman and Ferraro [e.g., Beard, 1960] model of the magnetosphere is entirely dissipationless and, as a consequence, contains no tangential stress at the magnetosphere boundary. It has beenExpand
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Platelet aggregate formation in a region of separated blood flow
Microscopic observations of the flow of fresh canine blood in a separated region formed by a step in a polyurethane surface have been made. These observations show the formation of large clumps ofExpand
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On storm weakening during substorm expansion phase
Lyemori and Rao recently presented evidence that the strength of a magnetic storm, as measured by -Dst, weakens, or its rate of growth slows, during the substorm expansion phase. Yet the expansionExpand
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Two-dimensional incompressible magneto-hydrodynamic flow across an elliptical solenoid
An analysis has been made of the two-dimensional flow of an incompressible constant-conductivity fluid through an elliptically shaped solenoid containing a constant magnetic field directed normal toExpand
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Disturbance propagation times to the far tail
Simultaneous data collection by IMP 8 in the near-Earth solar wind and Geotail in the distant tail make possible the correlation of solar wind disturbances with their effects in the distant tail.Expand
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