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Data feature selection based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithm
Classification of data in large repositories requires efficient techniques for analysis since a large amount of features is created for better representation of such images. Optimization methods canExpand
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The 2nd competition on counter measures to 2D face spoofing attacks
As a crucial security problem, anti-spoofing in biometrics, and particularly for the face modality, has achieved great progress in the recent years. Still, new threats arrive inform of better, moreExpand
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Competition on counter measures to 2-D facial spoofing attacks
Spoofing identities using photographs is one of the most common techniques to attack 2-D face recognition systems. There seems to exist no comparative studies of different techniques using the sameExpand
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Multi-scale gray level co-occurrence matrices for texture description
Abstract Texture information plays an important role in image analysis. Although several descriptors have been proposed to extract and analyze texture, the development of automatic systems for imageExpand
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Deep Representations for Iris, Face, and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection
Biometrics systems have significantly improved person identification and authentication, playing an important role in personal, national, and global security. However, these systems might be deceivedExpand
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Face Spoofing Detection Through Visual Codebooks of Spectral Temporal Cubes
Despite important recent advances, the vulnerability of biometric systems to spoofing attacks is still an open problem. Spoof attacks occur when impostor users present synthetic biometric samples ofExpand
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Using Visual Rhythms for Detecting Video-Based Facial Spoof Attacks
Spoofing attacks or impersonation can be easily accomplished in a facial biometric system wherein users without access privileges attempt to authenticate themselves as valid users, in which anExpand
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Video-Based Face Spoofing Detection through Visual Rhythm Analysis
Recent advances on biometrics, information forensics, and security have improved the accuracy of biometric systems, mainly those based on facial information. However, an ever-growing challenge is theExpand
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Illuminant-Based Transformed Spaces for Image Forensics
In this paper, we explore transformed spaces, represented by image illuminant maps, to propose a methodology for selecting complementary forms of characterizing visual properties for an effective andExpand
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Face spoofing detection through partial least squares and low-level descriptors
Personal identity verification based on biometrics has received increasing attention since it allows reliable authentication through intrinsic characteristics, such as face, voice, iris, fingerprint,Expand
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