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On the Action of the Anti-Absence Drug Ethosuximide in the Rat and Cat Thalamus
The action of ethosuximide (ETX) on Na+, K+, and Ca2+ currents and on tonic and burst-firing patterns was investigated in rat and cat thalamic neurons in vitro by using patch and sharp microelectrodeExpand
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Infraslow (<0.1 Hz) oscillations in thalamic relay nuclei basic mechanisms and significance to health and disease states.
In the absence of external stimuli, the mammalian brain continues to display a rich variety of spontaneous activity. Such activity is often highly stereotypical, is invariably rhythmic, and can occurExpand
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Synchronized oscillations at alpha and theta frequencies in the lateral geniculate nucleus.
In relaxed wakefulness, the EEG exhibits robust rhythms in the alpha band (8-13 Hz), which decelerate to theta (approximately 2-7 Hz) frequencies during early sleep. In animal models, these rhythmsExpand
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Novel neuronal and astrocytic mechanisms in thalamocortical loop dynamics.
In this review, we summarize three sets of findings that have recently been observed in thalamic astrocytes and neurons, and discuss their significance for thalamocortical loop dynamics. (i) AExpand
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Sustained Neuronal Activity Generated by Glial Plasticity
Astrocytes release gliotransmitters, notably glutamate, that can affect neuronal and synaptic activity. In particular, astrocytic glutamate release results in the generation of NMDA receptorExpand
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GABAB receptor-mediated activation of astrocytes by gamma-hydroxybutyric acid
The gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) metabolite gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) shows a variety of behavioural effects when administered to animals and humans, including reward/addiction properties andExpand
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Multiple Components of Ca2+ Channel Facilitation in Cerebellar Granule Cells: Expression of Facilitation during Development in Culture
The contribution of pharmacologically distinct Ca2+ channels to prepulse-induced facilitation was studied in mouse cerebellar granule cells. Ca2+ channel facilitation was measured as the percentageExpand
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Astrocyte Plasticity
Astrocytes are increasingly implicated in a range of functions in the brain, many of which were previously ascribed to neurons. Much of the prevailing interest centers on the role of astrocytes inExpand
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Gamma-hydroxybutyrate does not maintain self-administration but induces conditioned place preference when injected in the ventral tegmental area.
Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) is an endogenous brain substance that has diverse neuropharmacological actions, including rewarding properties in different animal species and in humans. As otherExpand
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