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An efficient assumed strain element model with six DOF per node for geometrically non‐linear shells
The present paper describes an assumed strain finite element model with six degrees of freedom per node designed for geometrically non-linear shell analysis. An important feature of the present paper
Performance Improvement of IPMC (Ionic Polymer Metal Composites) for a Flapping Actuator
In this paper, a trade-off design and fabrication of IPMC (Ionic Polymer Metal Composites) as an actuator for a flapping device have been described. Experiments for the internal solvent loss of IPMCs
Effect of an artificial caudal fin on the performance of a biomimetic fish robot propelled by piezoelectric actuators
This paper addresses the design of a biomimetic fish robot actuated by piezoceramic actuators and the effect of artificial caudal fins on the fish robot’s performance. The limited bending
Effects of corrugation of the dragonfly wing on gliding performance.
It is determined that suction side corrugations of the wing have very little influence on increase of the lift coefficient at a positive angle of attack.
Equivalent modeling for ionic polymer–metal composite actuators based on beam theories
Equivalent beam and equivalent bimorph beam models for IPMC (ionic polymer–metal composite) actuators are described in the ensuing paper. Important physical properties of IPMCs including Young's
A nine-node assumed strain shell element for analysis of a coupled electro-mechanical system
In the present paper, the formulation of a nine-node assumed strain shell element is modified and extended for use in analysis of actuator-embedded structures. The shell element can alleviate locking
Design and stable flight of a 21 g insect-like tailless flapping wing micro air vehicle with angular rates feedback control.
The design and controlled flight of an insect-like tailless FW-MAV, named KUBeetle is introduced, which could successfully perform a vertical climb, then hover and loiter within a 0.3 m ground radius with small variations in pitch and roll body angles.
Wetting Characteristics of Insect Wing Surfaces
Biological tiny structures have been observed on many kinds of surfaces such as lotus leaves, which have an effect on the coloration of Morpho butterflies and enhance the hydrophobicity of natural
Direct measurement of slip flows in superhydrophobic microchannels with transverse grooves
Slippage effects in microchannels that depend on the surface characteristics are investigated, taking into account hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and superhydrophobic wettabilities. Microscale grooves are
Design and demonstration of a locust-like jumping mechanism for small-scale robots
A jumping mechanism can be an efficient mode of motion for small robots to overcome large obstacles on the ground and rough terrain. In this paper, we present a 7 g prototype of locust-inspired