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Periodic photogrammetric monitoring and surface reconstruction of a historical wood panel painting for restoration purposes
© 2014 ISPRS. All Rights Reserved. The Westminster Retable is a work of art occupying a central position in late thirteenth century painting in Europe. It is 3.4m long, 1m high and about 0.1m thickExpand
Newtonian and relativistic periodic orbits around two fixed black holes
We compare families of simple periodic orbits of test particles in the Newtonian and relativistic problems of two fixed centers (black holes). The Newtonian problem is integrable, while theExpand
Storytelling, Spatial Standards and Cultural Heritage Management
The paper presents the project “Non-linear Digital Storytelling for the Battleship Georgios Averof” that currently takes place under the integrated action program between the German Academic ExchangeExpand
The structure of chaos in a potential without escapes
AbstractWe study the structure of chaos in a simple Hamiltonian system that does no have an escape energy. This system has 5 main periodic orbits that are represented on the surface of sectionExpand
Comparative camera calibrations of some 'off the shelf' digital cameras suited to archaeological purposes.
The increasing availability and capability of "off the shelf" low cost digital cameras coupled with on-going advances in mobile computing technology offer great potential for on-site archaeologicalExpand
Collaborative GIS platforms for Storytelling - Case Study: Battleship Averof
This paper presents the research that currently takes place in the Department of Geography of Harokopio University of Athens, regarding the integration of Web based Collaborative GIS – Storytelling Systems and the role that historical map collections can have in storytelling platforms. Expand
Toward the automated extraction of accurate 3D models from close-range photogrammetric networks
Optimize image acquisition to record both targets and natural surface texture information, proven high accuracy retro reflective target image measurement can be combined with a wealth of automated image analysis algorithms. Expand