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Conflict Resolution and the Cyprus Problem
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Book Reviews : Heritage of the Desert: The Arabs and the Middle East. By HARRY B. ELLIS. (New York: The Ronald Press Company. 1956. Pp. 311. $5.00.)
between footnotes and bibliography is not quite as good, especially in the article on Rumania. The book will interest chiefly the Soviet and Eastern European area specialist, or anyone who wishes toExpand
Book Reviews: United States Economic Policy and International Relations. By RAYMOND F. MIKESELL. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1952. Pp. xii, 341. $4.75.)
centrism and Universalism the two age-old contestants in the struggle between anarchy and world government, and he traces this struggle throughout the ages, concentrating on the more recent andExpand
Book Reviews: Independence and After: A Collection of Speeches, 1946-1949. By JAWA-HARLAL NEHRU. (New York: The John Day Company. 1950. Pp. 403. $3.00.)
of Canada by the British is adequately presented, and the unbroken series of victories paving the way &dquo;from Louisbourg to Quebec&dquo; is lucidly re-created. The period of 1793-1812, marking theExpand
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