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13 C- 18 O bonds in carbonate minerals: A new kind of paleothermometer
The abundance of the doubly substituted CO2 isotopologue, 13 C 18 O 16 O, in CO2 produced by phosphoric acid digestion of synthetic, inorganic calcite and natural, biogenic aragonite is proportionalExpand
Defining an absolute reference frame for 'clumped' isotope studies of CO 2
We present a revised approach for standardizing and reporting analyses of multiply substituted isotopologues of CO2 (i.e., ‘clumped’ isotopic species, especially the mass-47 isotopologues). OurExpand
A revised calibration of the clumped isotope thermometer
Abstract A growing number of materials and environmental settings are studied using the carbonate clumped isotope ( Δ 47 ) thermometer. The method has been applied in both biogenic and non-biogenicExpand
Methods and limitations of 'clumped' CO2 isotope (Delta47) analysis by gas-source isotope ratio mass spectrometry.
Detailed data and arguments regarding the theoretical and practical limits of precision, methods of standardization, instrument linearity and related issues for clumped-isotope analysis by dual-inlet gas-source isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) are presented. Expand
Pronounced zonal heterogeneity in Eocene southern high-latitude sea surface temperatures
The results indicate that very warm SSTs, in excess of 18 °C, did not extend uniformly across the Eocene southern high latitudes, and suggest that thermohaline circulation may partially control the distribution of high-latitude ocean temperatures in greenhouse climates. Expand
Paleo-environmental implication of clumped isotopes in land snail shells
Clumped isotopes analyses in modern land snail shells are reported and used to interpret shell oxygen isotopes within the context of terrestrial paleo-climatology. Carbonate clumped isotopesExpand
Protection by Isoprene against Singlet Oxygen in Leaves
The internal isoprene concentrations used in this study and possible rate of1O2 production in leaves indicate that the protective effects observed should be beneficial also under natural conditions. Expand
Abundance of mass 47 CO2 in urban air, car exhaust, and human breath
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is widely studied using records of CO_2 mixing ratio, δ^(13)C and δ^(18)O. However, the number and variability of sources and sinks prevents these alone from uniquelyExpand
Carbonate clumped isotope variability in shallow water corals: Temperature dependence and growth-related vital effects
Geochemical variations in shallow water corals provide a valuable archive of paleoclimatic information. However, biological effects can complicate the interpretation of these proxies, forcing theirExpand
Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and the accuracy of Δ47 measurements
Abstract Clumped isotope measurements aim to quantify some statistical properties of the isotopologue population in a given sample, which requires prior knowledge of the absolute isotopic abundanceExpand