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Two Cortical Systems for Reaching in Central and Peripheral Vision
Results show that reaching to the peripheral visual field engages a more extensive cortical network thanreaching to the central visual field, differently modulated by the two conditions. Expand
Dynamic heart rate variability: a tool for exploring sympathovagal balance continuously during sleep in men.
We have recently demonstrated that the overnight profiles of cardiac interbeat autocorrelation coefficient of R-R intervals ( r RR) calculated at 1-min intervals are related to the changes in sleepExpand
The BOLD response and the gamma oscillations respond differently than evoked potentials: an interleaved EEG-fMRI study
BackgroundThe integration of EEG and fMRI is attractive because of their complementary precision regarding time and space. But the relationship between the indirect hemodynamic fMRI signal and theExpand
Temporal relationship between dynamic heart rate variability and electroencephalographic activity during sleep in man
Overnight profiles of interbeat autocorrelation coefficients and of EEG mean frequency were found to be related with highly significant cross-correlation coefficients ranging between 0.216 and 0.638 (P < 0.001). Expand
Where arousal meets attention: a simultaneous fMRI and EEG recording study
The medial frontal cortex, frontal opercula, and thalamus were inversely correlated with arousal but only during detection and observation so that they could account for the control of arousal. Expand
Reliability of individual functional MRI brain mapping of language.
The authors show that reproducibility of functional MRI brain mapping for language within subject varies as a function of the activation task and the region of interest for language. Expand
P300 recordings during event-related fMRI: a feasibility study.
It is shown that interleaved acquisition allows to obtain reliable P300 data and fMRI results, likely to shed light on the anatomical location of brain regions involved in cognitive ERPs relevant to many disorders affecting CNS functions. Expand
Visemic processing in audiovisual discrimination of natural speech: A simultaneous fMRI–EEG study
The results provide arguments for the involvement of the speech motor cortex in phonological discrimination, and suggest a multimodal representation of speech units. Expand
What Physiological Changes and Cerebral Traces Tell Us about Adhesion to Fiction During Theater-Watching?
The hypothesis of subtle changes in the subjects’ state of awareness, enabling them to mentally dissociate physical and mental (drama-viewing) experiences, to account for the phenomenon of adhesion to dramatic fiction is discussed. Expand
Effects of sleep inertia on cognitive performance following a 1-hour nap
Abstract This study investigated the effects of a 1-h nap on subsequent performance in spatial memory (SM) and logical reasoning (LR) tasks. The objective was to evaluate the duration of the effectsExpand