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The role of chronic inflammation in cardiovascular disease and its regulation by nutrients.
  • H. Osiecki
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  • Alternative medicine review : a journal of…
  • 1 March 2004
The role of three basic cell types affected by these risk markers, the crucial role of inflammatory mediators, nitric oxide balance in cardiovascular pathology, and the use of nutrients to circumvent several of these inflammatory pathways are discussed. Expand
A quality dietary supplement: before you start and after it’s marketed—a conference report
More research should be supported by government agencies to determine the effectiveness of dietary supplements, nutritional products and complementary medicine in reducing personal and societal medical costs and further contribution to the overall health of the population. Expand
The regulation of bicarbonate reabsorption
Renal reabsorption of bicarbonate was examined in Merino ewes and evidence suggests that the ionic re absorption of bICarbonate constitutes a major part of total bic carbonate re absorption, which does not exclude a contribution from an active hydrogen ion secretory process. Expand
Aiding Acute and Chronic Pain , Inflammation and Acidity
Education Centre Founded by Henry Osiecki Pain, as a symptom, is often accompanied by two defining underlying clinical features: inflammation and acidity. When devising strategies for pain managementExpand
The effect of carbonic anhydrase inhibition on bicarbonate reabsorption
The data suggest that bicarbonate is reabsorbed by 2 distinct processes: the quantitatively more significant process may involve ionic reabsorption of bic carbonate secondary to Na+ re absorption and a relatively minor part of bICarbonate re absorption may be secondary to H+ secretion. Expand