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moult: An R Package to Analyze Moult in Birds
The moult package for R implements the Underhill-Zucchini models, allowing the user to specify moult models in a regression type formula, and the functions allow the moult parameters to depend on explanatory variables.
New Isotopic and Sedimentological Measurements of the Thabaseek Deposits (South Africa) and the Dating of the Taung Hominid
Abstract Earlier attempts to date the Taung hominid type specimen of Australopithecus africanus Dart yielded conflicting results. Recent faunal studies pointed to an age of 2.3 myr. Radioisotopic
Prediction of mean adult survival rates of southern African birds from demographic and ecological covariates
Clutch size and body mass were the most influential covariates, both with and without the inclusion of phylogenetic effects, and a regression model including only these two variables performed well in both of the validation tests.
Summarising biometrics from the SAFRING database for southern African birds
A summary of biometrics held by the South African Bird Ringing Scheme (SAFRING), which was initiated in 1948, is provided, including measures of mass and lengths of the tarsus, head, culmen, tail and wing.
Patterns of primary moult in the Weavers, Ploceidae
It is suggested that within the context of a youth-services agency using a mobile application, using a tablet or computer to manage social services is more beneficial than using a traditional hand-magnifying lens.
Nest-building males trade off material collection costs with territory value
Nest construction, then, appears to be a multi-dimensional task whereby birds take into account material's structural properties, material proximity to the nest site and territory quality.
Louse-Flies (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) of Birds from South Africa: Prevalence and Diversity
It is found statistically significant higher prevalence and mean abundance of louse-flies in autumn and spring, however, mean intensity was not different between the four seasons.