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Effect of oxygen concentration on nitrification and denitrification in single activated sludge flocs
Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) was investigated in the single aeration tank of a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Microelectrode measurements and batch experiments wereExpand
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Macroscale and microscale analyses of nitrification and denitrification in biofilms attached on membrane aerated biofilm reactors.
A membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR), in which O(2) was supplied from the bottom of the biofilm and NH(4)(+) and organic carbon were supplied from the biofilm surface, was operated at differentExpand
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Development of Design Method for Supersonic Turbine Aerofoils Near the Tip of Long Blades in Steam Turbines: Part 2 — Configuration Details and Validation
Both inflow and outflow velocities near the blade tip become supersonic when the blade length exceeds a threshold limit. The aerofoil near the tip of such a long blade has four features that demandExpand
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High-frequency characteristics and saturation electron velocity of InAlAs/InGaAs metamorphic high electron mobility transistors at high temperatures
We fabricated InAlAs/InGaAs metamorphic high electron mobility transistors (MHEMTs) with several indium contents. High-frequency performance of the MHEMTs was measured at high temperatures up to 473Expand
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Effects of Ti, Zr, V, and Cr on the rate of nitrogen dissolution into molten iron
The rate of nitrogen dissolution into molten iron-M (M: Ti, Zr, V, and Cr) alloys at temperatures from 1873 to 2023 K has been measured using an isotope exchange reaction. The rate of nitrogenExpand
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Electrochemical Formation of Tb-Ni Alloys in a Molten LiCl-KCl-TbCl3 System
The electrochemical formation of Tb-Ni alloys was investigated in a molten LiCl-KCl-TbCl3(0.50 mol% added) at 723 K. Open-circuit potentiometry was conducted using a Ni electrode afterExpand
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Behavior of Copper Dissolution in an Ammonia Solution Containing Ammonium Chloride or Sulfate
The leaching solution was prepared from either copper chloride (NH3 solution and NH4Cl) or copper sulfate (NH3 solution and (NH4)2SO4). Copper plates were immersed in these solutions and stirred atExpand
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Flexible electrophoretic display driven by solution‐processed organic thin‐film transistors
An organic thin-film-transistor (OTFT) backplane has been fabricated by using a solution-processed organic semiconductor (OSC) and organic insulators. Expand
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Formation Conditions of Mg2TiO4 and MgAl2O4 in Ti–Mg–Al Complex Deoxidation of Molten Iron
It is important to study the complex deoxidation equilibrium of molten iron in Ti–Mg–Al system from the view point of inclusion control. The equilibrium experiments between molten iron andExpand
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Formation Conditions of Ti2O3, MgTi2O4, Mg2TiO4, and MgAl2O4 in Ti–Mg–Al Complex Deoxidation of Molten Iron
The relationships of the compounds in the Mg-Ti-Al-O system in equilibrium with molten iron are investigated at temperatures ranging from 1873 to 1973 K, and the thermodynamic calculations areExpand
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