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Dispersal and emerging ecological impacts of Ponto-Caspian species in the Laurentian Great Lakes.
We describe, explain, and "predict" dispersal and ecosystem impacts of six Ponto-Caspian endemic species that recently invaded the Great Lakes via ballast water. The zebra mussel, DreissenaExpand
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The Baltic—a sea of invaders 1
There are about 100 nonindigenous species recorded in the Baltic Sea. Invasive species have resulted in major changes in nearshore ecosystems, especially in coastal lagoons and inlets that can beExpand
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A Census of Marine Biodiversity Knowledge, Resources, and Future Challenges
The resources available for research are always limited. When setting priorities for research funding, governments, industry, and funding agencies must balance the demands of human health, foodExpand
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International arrivals: widespread bioinvasions in European Seas
The European Union lacks a comprehensive framework to address the threats posed by the introduction and spread of marine non-indigenous species (NIS). Current efforts are fragmented and sufferExpand
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Highlights of zooplankton dynamics in Estonian waters (Baltic Sea)
The ecological subsystems in Estonian waters differ in mesozooplankton structure. Euryhaline, eurytherm marine boreal species dominate in the NE Baltic Proper.Species adapted to lower salinities areExpand
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Trophic status of the south-eastern Baltic Sea: A comparison of coastal and open areas
Primary production, nutrient concentrations, phytoplankton biomass (incl. chlorophyll a) and water transparency (Secchi depth), are important indicators of eutrophication. Earlier basin-wide primaryExpand
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‘Double trouble’: the expansion of the Suez Canal and marine bioinvasions in the Mediterranean Sea
‘‘Egypt to build new Suez canal... ‘This giant project will be the creation of a new Suez canal parallel to the current channel’ said Mohab Mamish, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, in aExpand
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Gulf of Riga and Pärnu Bay
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Population dynamics and ecological impact of the non-indigenous Cercopagis pengoi in the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea)
Abundance of the exotic predatory cladoceran Cercopagis pengoi (Ostroumov, 1891) in the Gulf of Riga has increased during the first ten years of invasion (1992–2001) and peaked with an annual mean ofExpand
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The enlargement of the Suez Canal – Erythraean introductions and management challenges
The Suez Canal is the main pathway of introduction of non-indigenous species into the Mediterranean Sea. The successive enlargements of the Suez Canal have raised concern over increasing propaguleExpand
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