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Ultralow viscosity of carbonate melts at high pressures.
Knowledge of the occurrence and mobility of carbonate-rich melts in the Earth's mantle is important for understanding the deep carbon cycle and related geochemical and geophysical processes. However,
Sound velocities of majorite garnet and the composition of the mantle transition region
Combined in situ X-ray and ultrasonic measurements under the pressure and temperature conditions of the mantle transition region are used to show that majorite in a pyrolite composition has sound velocities substantially lower than those of earlier estimates, owing to strong nonlinear decreases at high temperature, particularly for shear-wave velocity.
Icosahedral domain structure of framboidal pyrite
Abstract A new type of framboidal pyrite, with icosahedral domains, is described in this study. Examining the microcrystals on sections of framboids from various localities using a scanning electron
High‐Pbehavior of anorthite composition and some phase relations of the CaO‐Al2O3‐SiO2 system to the lower mantle of the Earth, and their geophysical implications
[1] Multianvil experiments with long experimental durations have been made with the anorthite composition CaAl2Si2O8at pressure-temperature (P-T) conditions of 14–25 GPa and 1400–2400°C. At