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The Second Survey of the Molecular Clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud by NANTEN. I. Catalog of Molecular Clouds
The second survey of the molecular clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud in 12CO ( -->J = 1?0) was carried out by NANTEN. The sensitivity of this survey is twice as high as that of the previous NANTEN
First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole
When surrounded by a transparent emission region, black holes are expected to reveal a dark shadow caused by gravitational light bending and photon capture at the event horizon. To image and study
Mission Design of LiteBIRD
LiteBIRD is a next-generation satellite mission to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. On large angular scales the B-mode polarization of the CMB carries the
High-Mass Cloud Cores in the η Carinae Giant Molecular Cloud
We carried out an unbiased survey for massive dense cores in the giant molecular cloud associated with η Carinae with the NANTEN telescope in the 12CO, 13CO, and C18O J = 1-0 emission lines. We
Molecular Clouds in Cepheus and Cassiopeia
A large-scale 13CO(J = 1-0) survey for nearby molecular clouds was performed toward the Cepheus and Cassiopeia regions (100° < l < 130° and -10° < b < 20°) with the velocity coverage of -40 < VLSR <
A 13 CO Survey of Molecular Clouds in Gemini and Auriga
A large-scale survey for molecular clouds in 13CO(J = 1-0) was performed toward the Gemini and Auriga regions (170° < l ≤ 196° and -10° ≤ b < 10°) with velocity coverages of -30 < VLSR < +30 km s-1
A C18O Survey of Dense Cloud Cores in Taurus: Star Formation
This paper discusses star formation in the 40 C18O molecular cloud cores in Taurus by studying relations between the cores and young stellar objects (YSOs). These C18O cores constitute a complete