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'Two-stage turbinectomy': sequestration of the inferior turbinate following submucosal diathermy.
Submucous diathermy of the inferior turbinates is a widely practised procedure. Three cases are presented in which surgery was complicated by avascular necrosis of the turbinate bone. Each patientExpand
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Radiological study of primary spontaneous CSF rhinorrhoea.
A radiological study of skull base anatomy was performed in patients presenting with primary spontaneous CSF rhinorrhoea. Radiology correctly identified the fistula site in 90 per cent of cases.Expand
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The drug treatment of asthma.
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Alveolar Cell Carcinoma Presenting as a Pneumothorax
Pneumothorax has been described as a complication of bronchial carcinoma and of metastases from elsewhere to the lung. Although 3 cases of hydropneumothorax have been noted previously in associationExpand
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Morbidity and mortality of common bile duct exploration
This retrospective study reviews the complications which occurred in 257 patients who had supraduodenal exploration of the common bile duct in one hospital during a 15‐year period. One hundred andExpand
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An evaluation of topical anaesthesia for myringotomy.
The relative efficiency of 2 topical anaesthetic agents in controlling the pain arising from myringotomy and grommet insertion has been assessed by a prospective, single blind controlled trial. The 2Expand
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Comparison of venous and capillary blood sampling for the clinical determination of tobramycin serum concentrations.
Tobramycin concentrations have been determined in serum from capillary, venous and arterial blood samples taken from 16 patients during and after surgery. In 73 paired samples the concentrations inExpand
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Systemic absorption from high‐pressure spray‐gun injuries
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Does lithotripsy cause hearing loss?
OBJECTIVE To determine whether lithotripsy with the Dornier MPL9000 has any significant effect on the hearing of either patients or operators, as determined by pure tone audiometry. PATIENTS ANDExpand
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Tegmental dehiscence and brain herniation into the middle ear cleft.
The tegmen tympani may occasionally be breached by herniation of the temporal lobe with or without dural cover. The clinical presentation may be obvious with CSF otorrhoea but less so with apparentExpand
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