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What is to be done
Steps which can be taken in our scattering theory, unification schemes, cosmology, QED and QCD which will advance the progress of our scientific revolution are presented. 19 refs.
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Discrete physics and the derivation of electromagnetism from the formalism of quantum mechanics
Freeman Dyson has recently focused attention on a remarkable derivation of electromagnetism from apparently quantum mechanical assumptions about the motion of a single particle. We present a newExpand
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Zero Range Scattering Theory Ii. Minimal Relativistic Three-particle Equations and the Efimov Effect*
We present numerical results obtained from a minimal relativistic model for three distinguishable particles of equal mass driven by a single bound or virtual state for each pair, which is aExpand
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Supernovae and life
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Abstract We rewrite the 1 + 1 Dirac equation in light cone coordinates in two significant forms, and solve them exactly using the classical calculus of finite differences. The complex form yieldsExpand
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Bit-String Physics: A Finite and Discrete Approach to Natural Philosophy
Non-Locality in Particle Physics On the Physical Interpretation and the Mathematical Structure of the Combinatorial Hierarchy (with T Bastin, J Amson & C W Kilmister) On the Construction ofExpand
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Process, System, Causality, and Quantum Mechanics, A Psychoanalysis of Animal Faith
We shall argue in this paper that a central piece of modern physics does not really belong to physics at all but to elementary probability theory. Given a joint probability distribution J on a set ofExpand
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On the physical interpretation and the mathematical structure of the combinatorial hierarchy
The combinatorial hierarchy model for basic particle processes is based on elementary entities; any representation they may have is discrete and two-valued. We call themSchnurs to suggest their mostExpand
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beta. radioloysis of crystalline /sup 14/C-labeled amino acids
The results of the asymmetric degradation of DL-leucine due to polarized 120 keV electrons and of a study of beta-induced optical activity in a number of /sup 14/C-labeled DL amino acids of highExpand
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