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192-Gbaud Signal Generation using Ultra-Broadband Optical Frontend Module Integrated with Bandwidth Multiplexing Function
We propose ultra-broadband optical frontend module consisting of an IQ-modulator, driver ICs, and bandwidth multiplexers. 192-GBaud QPSK and 160-GBaud 8QAM signals were successfully generated byExpand
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Electrical PMD equalizer ICs for a 40-Gbit/s transmission
Electrical PMD equalizer ICs for 40-Gbit/s transmission were developed using InP/InGaAs HBT technology. In experiments using a PMD emulator, these ICs exhibit good compensation for DGD of over 20Expand
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Digital-Preprocessed Analog-Multiplexed DAC for Ultrawideband Multilevel Transmitter
High-speed digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are essential in advanced optical transmission systems, utilizing multilevel modulation formats and pulse-shaping technologies. Analog bandwidth of DACsExpand
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300-GHz. 100-Gb/s InP-HEMT Wireless Transceiver Using a 300-GHz Fundamental Mixer
This paper presents a 300-GHz transceiver based on 80-nm InP-HEMT technology. To improve the signal-to-noise-and-distortion-ratio (SNDR) characteristics, a high-isolation fundamental mixer is used inExpand
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A low-power direct digital synthesizer using a self-adjusting phase-interpolation technique
A complete direct digital synthesizer (DDS) using a self-adjusting phase-interpolation technique is fabricated using 0.35-/spl mu/m CMOS process technology. A self-adjusting delay generator reducesExpand
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A direct digital synthesizer with interpolation circuits
This paper presents a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) with no ROM that still produces square waves with low spurious signals. The main features are the interpolation of the analog-convertedExpand
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A non-binary direct digital synthesizer with an extended phase accumulator
We describe a new direct digital synthesizer (DDS) in which output tuning resolution is flexibly controlled. The new DDS has an extended phase accumulator (EPA) controlled by two frequency controlExpand
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A 24-Gsps 3-bit Nyquist ADC using InP HBTs for electronic dispersion compensation
A 3-bit flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) was developed using InP HBTs. Nyquist operation was developed using InP HBT. Nyquist operation wasExpand
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75 GBd InP-HBT MUX-DAC module for high-symbol-rate optical transmission
An ultra-broadband 6 bit digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) has been designed and fabricated in InP-HBT technology. The DAC IC includes six 2:1 MUXs and thus operates with a half-rate clock. The DACExpand
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100-Gbit/s PDM-QPSK coherent receiver with wide dynamic range and excellent common-mode rejection ratio
We report the design and fabrication of a hybrid-integration-type coherent receiver. We optimize the receiver building blocks, and achieve a −25-dB common-mode rejection ratio and a 20-dB signalExpand
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