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Crystalline Graphdiyne Nanosheets Produced at a Gas/Liquid or Liquid/Liquid Interface.
The bottom-up synthesis of all-carbon, π-conjugated graphdiyne nanosheets is described, which feature regular hexagonal domains, a lower degree of oxygenation, and uniform thickness and lateral size. Expand
π-Conjugated nickel bis(dithiolene) complex nanosheet.
A π-conjugated nanosheet comprising planar nickel bis(dithiolene) complexes was synthesized by a bottom-up method and found that the crystalline portion of the bulk material comprised a staggered stack of nanosheets. Expand
Complete solid state photoisomerization of bis(dipyrazolylstyrylpyridine)iron(II) to change magnetic properties.
Iron(II) complexes of Z- and E-2,6-di(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-4-styrylpyridine (Z-2 and E-2, respectively) exhibited visible light photoisomerization from Z-2 to E-2, both in solution and in solid phases.Expand
Self‐Assembled Layers of Alkanethiols on Copper for Protection Against Corrosion
Self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols C[sub n]H[sub 2n+1]SH(n = 6 [approximately] 18) adsorbed on the surface of a polycrystalline bulk cu were constructed and characterized by x-rayExpand
Flocculation of cell walls of brewer's yeast and effects of metal ions, protein-denaturants and enzyme treatments
Effects of metal ions, protein-denaturants and enzyme treatments on flocculation of cell walls of Beer Yeast IFO 2018 were investigated. Cell walls from flocculent cells grown in a complete mediumExpand
Electrochromic bis(terpyridine)metal complex nanosheets.
A series of electrochromic metal complex nanosheets comprising 1,3,5-tris(4-(2,2':6',2″-terpyridyl)phenyl)benzene and Fe(2+) or Co(2%) was synthesized and underwent a reversible and robust redox reaction accompanied by a distinctive color change. Expand
Solid-state ligand-driven light-induced spin change at ambient temperatures in bis(dipyrazolylstyrylpyridine)iron(II) complexes.
The synthesis of new derivatives of Z-H, Z-CN and Z-NO(2) is reported, in which electron-withdrawing cyano and nitro substituents are introduced at the 4-position of the styryl group to attain a more profound photomagnetism at ambient temperatures. Expand
Photosynthetic hydrogen production
Among various technologies for hydrogen production, the use of oxygenic natural photosynthesis has a great potential as can use clean and cheap sources—water and solar energy. In oxygenicExpand
Hydrogen photoproduction by use of photosynthetic organisms and biomimetic systems.
This review examines the main pathways of H2 photoproduction by using of photosynthetic organisms and biomimetic photosynthesis systems to produce hydrogen. Expand
Reversible light-induced magnetization change in an azobenzene-attached pyridylbenzimidazole complex of iron(II) at room temperature.
Reversible photomagnetic effects were demonstrated at room temperature by the use of a new iron(II) complex t100c0-[Fe()3](BF4)(2).3H2O ( =phenyl(2-pyridin-2-yl-3H-benzoimidazol-5-yl)diazene), basedExpand