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Immediate functional loading of Brånemark single tooth implants. An 18 months' clinical pilot follow-up study.
A clinical and radiographical study was performed to evaluate the treatment outcome of single tooth replacements with artificial crowns retained to implants installed according to a 1-stage surgicalExpand
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Implant treatment of patients with edentulous jaws: a 20-year follow-up.
BACKGROUND Implant-supported prostheses are today often used in rehabilitation of partially or totally edentulous patients. Both patients and the dental profession often regard implant treatment asExpand
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Osseointegrated implants in edentulous jaws: a 2-year longitudinal study.
Osseointegrated implants in 50 edentulous jaws were studied during a 2-year observation period. The implant survival rate was 89% in the maxillae and 97% in the mandibles. The marginal bone lossExpand
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Digitally planned, immediately loaded dental implants with prefabricated prostheses in the reconstruction of edentulous maxillae: a 1-year prospective, multicenter study.
BACKGROUND The introduction of digital planning programs has made it possible to place dental implants in preplanned positions and being immediately functionally loaded by using prefabricatedExpand
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Tooth-implant supported fixed prostheses: a retrospective multicenter study.
PURPOSE The purpose of this retrospective multicenter study on implants combined with natural teeth was to investigate the implant survival rate and loss of marginal bone, as well as indications andExpand
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Bone grafting to the maxillary sinuses, nasal floor and anterior maxilla in the atrophic edentulous maxilla. A two-stage technique.
This study presents the results from 20 consecutive patients treated with an autogenous bone graft from the iliac crest. In ten patients the graft was placed in the maxillary sinuses and the floor ofExpand
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Monitoring of implant stability in grafted bone using resonance frequency analysis. A clinical study from implant placement to 6 months of loading.
The aim of this prospective study was to compare implants placed in grafted and normal non-grafted maxilla by means of resonance frequency analysis (RFA), clinical stability and implant failure.Expand
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Mk II: the self-tapping Brånemark implant: 5-year results of a prospective 3-center study.
The 5-year result of a prospective 3-center study is presented, comprising 103 patients with 288 Mk II self-tapping and 275 standard implants of the Brånemark System. Out of 363 mandibular and 200Expand
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Reconstruction of the atrophic edentulous maxilla with free iliac crest grafts and implants: a 3-year report of a prospective clinical study.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to perform a longitudinal follow-up study of implant stability in grafted maxillae with the aid of clinical, radiological, and resonance frequency analysis (RFA)Expand
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Single-tooth replacement by osseointegrated Brånemark implants. A retrospective study of 82 implants.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the outcome of single-tooth restorations on Brånemark implants performed during the period 1984-1989. The material comprised 58 consecutive patients with 82Expand
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