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Supersymmetry, Supergravity and Particle Physics
We give a short introduction to N = 1 supersymmetry and supergravity and review the attempts to construct models in which the breakdown scale of the weak interactions is related to supersymmetryExpand
Completing natural inflation
If the inflaton is a pseudo-scalar axion, the axion shift symmetry can protect the flatness of its potential from too large radiative corrections. This possibility, known as natural inflation,Expand
Soft supersymmetry breaking in KKLT flux compactification
Abstract We examine the structure of soft supersymmetry breaking terms in KKLT models of flux compactification with low energy supersymmetry. Moduli are stabilized by fluxes and nonperturbativeExpand
The μ-problem and the strong CP-problem
Abstract We investigate a possible connection of a solution of the strong CP-problem and the generation of a mass term μ in the low energy Higgs superpotential of supersymmetric models. ThisExpand
De Sitter vacua from matter superpotentials
Consistent uplifting of AdS vacua in string theory often requires extra light degrees of freedom in addition to those of a (Kahler) modulus. Here we consider the possibility that de Sitter andExpand
A mini-landscape of exact MSSM spectra in heterotic orbifolds
We explore a “fertile patch” of the heterotic landscape based on a 6-II orbifold with SO(10) and E6 local GUT structures. We search for models allowing for the exact MSSM spectrum. Our result is thatExpand
On the low energy d = 4, N = 1 supergravity theory extracted from the d = 10, N = 1 superstring
We extract some general features of the N = 1 supergravity, d = 4 theory which could be obtained as a low energy limit of the recently proposed anomaly-free superstring theories. One finds that afterExpand
The gaugino code
Gauginos might play a crucial role in the search for supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Mass predictions for gauginos are rather robust and often related to the values of the gaugeExpand
Heterotic strings in symmetric and asymmetric orbifold backgrounds
We present a general formalism for constructing four-dimensional string models from ZN orbifolds. An explicit form for the generalized GSO projector in the construction of twisted and untwistedExpand
Supersymmetry breaking and soft terms in M theory
Abstract We investigate gaugino condensation in the framework of the strongly coupled heterotic E8×E8 string (M-theory). Supersymmetry is broken in a hidden sector and gravitational interactionsExpand