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On the quantum mechanics of supermembranes
Abstract We study the quantum-mechanical properties of a supermembrane and examine the nature of its ground state. A supersymmetric gauge theory of area-preserving transformations provides aExpand
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E10 and a small tension expansion of m theory.
A formal "small tension" expansion of D=11 supergravity near a spacelike singularity is shown to be equivalent, at least up to 30th order in height, to a null geodesic motion in theExpand
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N = 8 supergravity
Abstract The complete structure of N = 8 supergravity is presented with an optional local SO(8) invariance. The SO(8) gauge interactions break E 7 invariance, but leave the local SU(8) unaffected.Expand
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Cosmological Billiards
It is shown in detail that the dynamics of the Einstein-dilaton-p-form system in the vicinity of a spacelike singularity can be asymptotically described, at a generic spatial point, as a billiardExpand
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Gauged Supergravities, Tensor Hierarchies, and M-Theory
Deformations of maximal supergravity theories induced by gauging non-abelian subgroups of the duality group reveal the presence of charged M-theory degrees of freedom that are not necessarilyExpand
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d = 11 supergravity with local SU(8) invariance
The transformation rules and field equations of d = 11 supergravity are given in a form which is manifestly covariant under local SU(8) transformations. In this formulation the SO(1, 10) localExpand
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Conformal and Quasiconformal Realizations¶of Exceptional Lie Groups
Abstract: We present a nonlinear realization of E8(8) on a space of 57 dimensions, which is quasiconformal in the sense that it leaves invariant a suitably defined “light cone” in ℝ57. ThisExpand
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Locally supersymmetric D = 3 non-linear sigma models
Abstract We study non-linear sigma models with N local supersymmetries in three space-time dimensions. For N = 1 and 2 the target space of these models is riemannian or Kahler, respectively. All N >Expand
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Monte Carlo approach to M theory
We discuss supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory dimensionally reduced to zero dimensions and evaluate the SU 2 and . . SU 3 partition functions by Monte Carlo methods. The exactly known SU 2 results areExpand
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Counterterms vs. dualities
We investigate and clarify the mutual compatibility of the higher order corrections arising in supergravity and string theory effective actions and the non-linear duality symmetries of theseExpand
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