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Human Liver Dendritic Cells Promote T Cell Hyporesponsiveness1
The liver is believed to promote tolerance, which may be beneficial due to its constant exposure to foreign Ags from the portal circulation. Although dendritic cells (DCs) are critical mediators ofExpand
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Toll-like receptor 9 inhibition reduces mortality in polymicrobial sepsis
The high rate of mortality in patients with sepsis results from an inappropriately amplified systemic inflammatory response to infection. Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are important for the activationExpand
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CD11c identifies a subset of murine liver natural killer cells that responds to adenoviral hepatitis
The liver contains a unique repertoire of immune cells and a particular abundance of NK cells. We have found that CD11c defines a distinct subset of NK cells (NK1.1+CD3−) in the murine liver whoseExpand
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Circulating HLA-DR(+) natural killer cells have potent lytic ability and weak antigen-presenting cell function.
Whether a freshly isolated immune cell can be equipped with both natural killing and antigen-presenting cell (APC) function has recently become controversial in mice. We sought to probe the existenceExpand
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Suppression of human breast tumors in NOD/SCID mice by CD44 shRNA gene therapy combined with doxorubicin treatment
Background Breast cancer stem cells with a CD44+CD24− phenotype are the origin of breast tumors. Strong CD44 expression in this population indicates its important role in maintaining the stem cellExpand
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Handover supporting QoS in MPLS-based hierarchical mobile IPv6 networks
This paper proposes a handover scheme supporting QoS in MPLS-based hierarchical mobile IPv6 network that is designed to meet seamless handover requirements. Expand
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A simple in vitro method for evaluating dendritic cell-based vaccinations
Background Dendritic cell (DC) therapy is a promising therapy for cancer-targeting treatments. Recently, DCs have been used for treatment of some cancers. We aimed to develop an in vitro assay toExpand
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Dendritic cells are required for effective cross‐presentation in the murine liver
The liver harbors a diversity of cell types that have been reported to stimulate T cells. Although most hepatic dendritic cells are immature, a small population of CD11chigh conventional dendriticExpand
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Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer of nanofluid inside a wavy microchannel with different wavelengths
In the present study, turbulent flow and heat transfer inside a three-dimensional wavy microchannel with different wavelengths have been numerically simulated. The main purpose of this study is toExpand
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Human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs), a source of important autologous stem cells without ethical debate, have been used in both experimental and clinical treatment. Therefore,Expand
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