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A topic-based approach for narrowing the search space of buggy files from a bug report
Locating buggy code is a time-consuming task in software development. Given a new bug report, developers must search through a large number of files in a project to locate buggy code. We proposeExpand
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Graph-based pattern-oriented, context-sensitive source code completion
Code completion helps improve developers' programming productivity. However, the current support for code completion is limited to context-free code templates or a single method call of the variableExpand
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Cross-Layer Aided Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Most of the nodes in ad hoc networks rely on batteries, which requires energy saving. Hence, numerous energy-efficient routing algorithms have been proposed for solving this problem. In this paper,Expand
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Aspect recommendation for evolving software
Cross-cutting concerns are unavoidable and create difficulties in the development and maintenance of large-scale systems. In this paper, we present a novel approach that identifies certain groups ofExpand
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Detection of embedded code smells in dynamic web applications
In dynamic Web applications, there often exists a type of code smells, called embedded code smells, that violate important principles in software development such as software modularity andExpand
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Exploring variability-aware execution for testing plugin-based web applications
In plugin-based systems, plugin conflicts may occur when two or more plugins interfere with one another, changing their expected behaviors. It is highly challenging to detect plugin conflicts due toExpand
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A Survey on Quantum Channel Capacities
Quantum information processing exploits the quantum nature of information. It offers fundamentally new solutions in the field of computer science and extends the possibilities to a level that cannotExpand
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Build code analysis with symbolic evaluation
Build process is crucial in software development. However, the analysis support for build code is still limited. In this paper, we present SYMake, an infrastructure and tool for the analysis of buildExpand
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Auto-locating and fix-propagating for HTML validation errors to PHP server-side code
Checking/correcting HTML validation errors in Web pages is helpful for Web developers in finding/fixing bugs. However, existing validating/fixing tools work well only on static HTML pages and do notExpand
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Decision Analysis Using Virtual First-Run Study of a Viscous Damping Wall System
Although Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices such as 3D modeling, 4D simulation, clash detection, model-based analysis, model-based scheduling and estimating have been widely utilized byExpand
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