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The transfer system for neutral amino acids in the rat small intestine
Wiseman (1955) showed that certain mono-amino-mono-carboxylic acids or neutral amino acids compete with each other during absorption from the hamster small intestine, and suggested that these aminoExpand
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Effects of fasting on intestinal transfer of sugars and amino acids in vitro
1. Transfer of sugars, amino acids and fluid and metabolism of glucose were studied with everted sacs of small intestine prepared from fed and 3‐day fasted rats.
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Effects of Sugars on Intestinal Transfer of Amino-acids
IT is well established that there are specific processes for the active transfer of both sugars and amino-acids by the small intestine. Since these substances can be transferred against aExpand
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Transport of alanine isomers by rat small intestine in vitro.
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The effects of adrenalectomy and fasting on intestinal function in the rat
Early studies on adrenalectomized rats suggested that the adrenal cortex played a specific role in carbohydrate absorption (see Verzar & McDougal, 1936). Later workers (Deuel, Hallman, Murray &Expand
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The intestinal absorption of some dipeptides
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Intracellular hydrolysis of dipeptides during intestinal absorption
Newey & Smyth (1959a) found that when solutions containing certain dipeptides were placed in contact with the intestinal mucosa these were not transported as such, but the constituent amino acidsExpand
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Cellular mechanisms in intestinal transfer of amino acids
Newey & Smyth (1960a) have shown that dipeptides present in the lumen of the intestine can enter the mucosal cells and undergo intracellular hydrolysis. The present work was undertaken to investigateExpand
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The site of action of phlorrhizin in inhibiting intestinal absorption of glucose
The effect of phlorrhizin in inhibiting glucose absorption from the intestine both in vivo and in vitro is well established, but the mode of action is still unknown. The present work was undertakenExpand
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