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Climate change and population history in the pacific lowlands of Southern Mesoamerica
Abstract Core MAN015 from Pacific coastal Guatemala contains sediments accumulated in a mangrove setting over the past 6500 yr. Chemical, pollen, and phytolith data, which indicate conditions ofExpand
Early Maya Adaptive Patterns: Mid-Late Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evidence from Pacific Guatemala
Abstract We summarize what is known about Archaic period occupation of southeastern Mesoamerica and Central America as background for presenting new paleoenvironmental evidence of pre-Early FormativeExpand
Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis and Multivariate Statistics for Pottery Provenance
The application of instrumental neutron activation analysis and multivariate statistics to archaeological studies of ceramics and clays is described. A small pottery data set from the Nasca cultureExpand
Olmec Pottery Production and Export in Ancient Mexico Determined Through Elemental Analysis
The first Mesoamerican civilization, the Gulf Coast Olmec, is associated with hierarchical society, monumental art, and an internally consistent ideology, expressed in a distinct style and salientExpand
Neutrons, Markets, Cities, and Empires: A 1000-Year Perspective on Ceramic Production and Distribution in the Postclassic Basin of Mexico
We use instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) of ceramics from three centers, Cerro Portezuelo, Chalco, and Xaltocan, in the Basin of Mexico, whose occupations span the Postclassic toExpand
Neutron activation analysis and provenance research in archaeology
Neutron activation analysis is a powerful quantitative analytical technique with application in a broad range of disciplines such as agriculture, archaeology, geochemistry, health and humanExpand
Chemical characterization of ceramic pastes in archaeology
In this symposium volume from a 1991 Society for American Archaeology Conference on the compositional characteristics of archaeological ceramics, the methods of analysis used are neutron activationExpand
Ceramic Production among Small-Scale and Mobile Hunters and Gatherers: A Case Study from the Southwestern Great Basin
Archaeologists often stress the importance of sedentism, large population sizes, and the economy of scale in the development of ceramic technologies worldwide. Yet pottery making is known among manyExpand
Source determination of White River Group silicates from two archaeological sites in the Great Plains
There are three known source area for WRGS (White River Group Silicates) : Flattopp Butte in northeastern Colorado, Table Mountain in east-central Wyoming, and the White River Badlands of SouthExpand
Traces of the Past: Unraveling the Secrets of Archaeology through Chemistry
Traces of the Past: Unraveling the Secrets of Archaeology through Chemistry. Joseph B. Lambert. Reading, MA: Perseus Books, 1997. 318 pp.