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Genomic analysis of Bacteroides fragilis reveals extensive DNA inversions regulating cell surface adaptation.
Bacteroides are predominant human colonic commensals, but the principal pathogenic species, Bacteroides fragilis (BF), lives closely associated with the mucosal surface, whereas a second majorExpand
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Physical and genetic map of the Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 chromosome.
The chromosome of Bacteroides fragilis strain YCH46 was shown to be a single circular DNA molecule of about 5.3 Mb having 16 NotI, seven AscI, and six I-CeuI sites. A physical map of the chromosomeExpand
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Sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation of the uterine blood flow and contraction in the rat.
The effects of electrical stimulation of hypogastric sympathetic and pelvic parasympathetic nerves on uterine blood flow and contraction in anesthetized female non-pregnant normal cycling rats wereExpand
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Effects of aging on numbers, sizes and conduction velocities of myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of the pelvic nerve in rats.
The effects of aging on the conduction velocities, numbers and sizes of the myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of the pelvic nerve in Wistar rats, aged 3-9 and 30-37 months were examined usingExpand
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Inhibitory effects of asiatic acid and CPT-11 on growth of HT-29 cells.
Asiatic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene contained in medicinal plants. The cytotoxic effect of this compound and its augmentative effect on the anticancer drug irinotecan hydrochloride (CPT-11) wereExpand
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Role of dietary phosphorus in the progression of renal failure.
Dietary phosphorus is thought to be a factor that impairs the residual renal function in patients with chronic renal failure. To determine the effect of dietary phosphorus on the prognosis of chronicExpand
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Slowing of peripheral motor nerve conduction was ameliorated by aminoguanidine in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats.
The aims of this study were to investigate the effect of aminoguanidine (AG) on slowing of motor nerve conduction velocity (MNCV) of the sciatic nerve in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats and toExpand
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Role of bile in intestinal barrier function and its inhibitory effect on bacterial translocation in obstructive jaundice in rats.
BACKGROUND Our previous study using genetically labeled Escherichia coli strain JNW14 revealed that obstructive jaundice promotes bacterial translocation in rats and that the absence of bile in theExpand
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Expression of cytokine genes during liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats.
In the present study to demonstrate the relationship between cytokines and liver regeneration we investigated by Northern blot hybridization the cytokine gene induction in the regenerating liver andExpand
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The Effects of 30% and 60% Xenon Inhalation on Pial Vessel Diameter and Intracranial Pressure in Rabbits
Xenon may increase cerebral blood flow and intracranial pressure (ICP). To evaluate the effects of xenon on brain circulation, we measured pial vessel diameter changes, CO2 reactivity, and ICP duringExpand
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