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Midwinter Suppression of Baroclinic Wave Activity in the Pacific
Abstract Seasonal variations in baroclinic wave activity and jet stream structure in the Northern Hemisphere are investigated based upon over 20 years of daily data. Baroclinic wave activity at eachExpand
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The Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Revisited
AbstractThe Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO), the dominant year-round pattern of monthly North Pacific sea surface temperature (SST) variability, is an important target of ongoing research withinExpand
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Decadal Climate Variability in the North Pacific during the Recent Decades
Abstract Decadal wintertime variability in the North Pacific climate system observed over the last few decades is documented. The decadal sea surface temperature (SST) variability is found to beExpand
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A Formulation of a Phase-Independent Wave-Activity Flux for Stationary and Migratory Quasigeostrophic Eddies on a Zonally Varying Basic Flow
Abstract A new formulation of an approximate conservation relation of wave-activity pseudomomentum is derived, which is applicable for either stationary or migratory quasigeostrophic (QG) eddies on aExpand
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Structure and dynamics of the summertime Pacific–Japan teleconnection pattern
Convective activity over the tropical western Pacific is known to influence the extratropical circulation over East Asia in the boreal summer in the form of teleconnection, called the ‘Pacific–JapanExpand
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Scandinavian pattern and its climatic impact
a LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China b Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Maintenance mechanisms of theExpand
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Enhanced warming over the global subtropical western boundary currents
Subtropical western boundary currents are warm, fast-flowing currents that form on the western side of ocean basins. They carry warm tropical water to the mid-latitudes and vent large amounts of heatExpand
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Interannual Seesaw between the Aleutian and Icelandic Lows. Part I: Seasonal Dependence and Life Cycle
Abstract The seasonal dependence and life cycle of the well-known interannual seesawlike oscillation between the intensities of the surface Aleutian and Icelandic lows (AL and IL, respectively) areExpand
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Mechanisms of Intraseasonal Amplification of the Cold Siberian High
Mechanisms of intraseasonal amplification of the Siberian high are investigated on the basis of composite anomaly evolution for its strongest events at each of the grid points over Siberia. At eachExpand
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Geographical Dependence of Upper-Level Blocking Formation Associated with Intraseasonal Amplification of the Siberian High
Abstract Intraseasonal amplification events of the surface Siberian high in winter are generally associated with blocking ridge formation in the upper troposphere. Composite analysis applied to theExpand
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