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GM-109: a novel, selective motilin receptor antagonist in the smooth muscle of the rabbit small intestine.
The results indicate that GM-109 is a selective and competitive motilin receptor antagonist in the smooth muscle of the rabbit small intestine, and this compound may be a useful pharmacological tool for examining the functional role(s) of Motilin.
Pharmacological studies of Panax ginseng root: estimation of pharmacological actions of Panax ginseng root.
In the laboratory, a systematic analysis of pharmacological properties of a chemical compound have been studied and this analytical method was applied to the study of Ginseng root saponins.
The neuroprotective effect of a potent and selective inhibitor of type I NOS (L‐MIN) in a rat model of focal cerebral ischaemia
The results suggest that type I NOS activation has a crucial role in the pathogenic cellular mechanisms underlying cerebral ischaemia.
A possible purinergic mechanism for reactive ischemia in isolated, cross-circulated rat kidney.
It is suggested that adenine compounds, particularly adenosine, may play a role in the genesis of reactive vasoconstriction after arterial occlusion in the isolated rat kidney.
Sterol mediated regulation of SREBP-1a,1b,1c and SREBP-2 in cultured human cells.
The regulation of differential expression of SRE BP mRNA may be involved in sterol mediated regulation of gene expression and the regulation of the SREBP-1 level may be a critical step in theregulation of sterolmediated LDL receptor expression.
Effects of KC 399, a novel ATP-sensitive K+ channel opener, on electrical and mechanical responses in dog tracheal smooth muscle.
KC 399 inhibited more effectively the tonic response of the contraction than the initial phasic response induced by carbachol, and the relaxation and hyperpolarization induced by KC 399 were antagonized by glibenclamide and in part by charybdotoxin due to depolarization of the membrane.
Pharmacological studies of neutral saponins (GNS) of Panax Ginseng root.
From the tests described above in addition to those of traction, hypothermia, fighting behavior and ratio of two reflexes, GNS appears to have neuroleptic activity.
Effects of calcium-antagonistic coronary vasodilators on myocardial contractility and membrane potentials.
  • H. Nabata
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Japanese journal of pharmacology
  • 1977
The effects of nifedipine, verapamil and diltiazem on isolated electrically-driven left atrial preparations of the guinea pig were studied and calcium-dependent action potentials were evoked in the potassium-depolarized atria either by isoproterenol or aminophylline.
Cardiovascular Effects of a New Coronary Vasodilator N‐(2‐Hydroxyethyl)nicotinamide Nitrate (SG‐75): Comparison with Nitroglycerin and Diltiazem
The results indicate that SG-75 has desirable characteristics as an antianginal agent as well as cardiovascular effects of a newly developed nicotinamide derivative.