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Fungal Diseases of Trees in Forest Nurseries of Indore, India
The forest nurseries, maintained by Forest Research and Extension Circle, Indore Department of Madhya Pradesh in Indore and Dewas Dist. have many tree species. During a routine survey of nurseries, 8Expand
Studies on Pestalotiopsis arachidis (Satya) Emend Smita Dubey & H.N. Satya.
In view of the rich diversity of Indian medicinal plants, it is expected that screening and scientific evaluation of plant extract for their ant deterrent substance may prove beneficial for theExpand
Study of Cerotelium fici rust on Ficus sp. of forest nursery
Ficus religiosa L., Ficus benghalensis L. and Ficus racemosa L. are large evergreen trees found throughout India, wild and cultivated. They are popular indigenous system of medicine like Unani,Expand
Field study on miticidal activity of some plant extracts on leaf galls of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre in forest nursery of Indore, India.
Gall formation is the consequence of interaction between the offensive stimulation of the insect and the defensive response of the plant. Eriophyes cheriani massee is a gall formation insect found onExpand