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Structural and Functional Consequences of Coenzyme Binding to the Inactive Asian Variant of Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
The data presented shows that Glu-487 maintains a critical function in linking the structure of the coenzymebinding site to that of the active site through its interactions with Arg-264 and Arg-475, and in doing so, creates the stable structural scaffold conducive to catalysis. Expand
Disruption of the Coenzyme Binding Site and Dimer Interface Revealed in the Crystal Structure of Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase “Asian” Variant*
The structure of ALDH2*2 shows a large disordered region located at the dimer interface that includes much of the coenzyme binding cleft and a loop of residues that form the base of the active site that are consistent with the lowered Vmax. Expand