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Role of phenytoin in wound healing: microarray analysis of early transcriptional responses in human dermal fibroblasts.
Wound healing is a complex process involving a number of related genes and receptors. Using cDNA microarrays, we explored the global gene expression profile of phenytoin (20microg/ml) induced changesExpand
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In vivo evaluation of an ultra-thin polycaprolactone film as a wound dressing
The use of ultra-thin films as dressings for cutaneous wounds could prove advantageous in terms of better conformity to wound topography and improved vapour transmission. For this purpose, ultra-thinExpand
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Nitrosoglutathione triggers collagen deposition in cutaneous wound repair
The presence of nitric oxide (NO) is associated with enhanced wound fibroblast collagen synthesis; previous observations have focused on the effect of NO on wound collagen content. This articleExpand
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Two‐step protocol to incorporate cells in thermoresponsive hydrogels
One of the stumbling blocks in the formation of a thermoresponsive cell‐hydrogel hybrid (TCH) is the efficient incorporation of cells in thermoresponsive hydrogels (TH) using traditional top‐downExpand
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Characterization of a novel bioactive poly[(lactic acid)‐co‐(glycolic acid)] and collagen hybrid matrix for dermal regeneration
Different strategies have been explored for the purpose of autologous or allogeneic dermal regeneration. We have developed a hybrid matrix by lyophilizing collagen within a poly[(lacticExpand
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