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Source And Potential Conflict In The Process Of Execution
Purpose of the study is to locate and describe Social Conflict can hinder / delay the execution process. Expand
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Supervision of Fair Execution for Civil Case Decision
Civil law as a system aims to resolve the conflict of interests that occurs between the parties in the communities. For that reason, execution as a subsystem constitutes the whole provision of theExpand
The Urgency Of Ijtihad By Judges In Effort Law Invention At The Religion Court In Indonesia
The presence of renewals in Islamic law, resulting in the emergence of various changes in the social order of Muslims either in relation to ideology, political, social, cultural and so on. It laterExpand
"Det hållbara varumärket SJ" : En kvalitativ innehållsanalys av SJs hemsida och Facebookinlägg
"Det hallbara varumarket SJ" : En kvalitativ innehallsanalys av SJs hemsida och Facebookinlagg