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Atlantic: A new potato variety with high solids, good processing quality, and resistance to pests
Atlantic is a medium late maturing var. which has been shown to have the following characteristics: tolerance to scab and Verticillium wilt; high yields of attractive tubers; resistance to theExpand
Potato vine killing
  • H. Murphy
  • Biology
  • American Potato Journal
  • 1 December 1968
Killing potato vines as a pre-harvest practice has become widely accepted in the United States and Canada particularly where potatoes are stored for extended periods of time and to preserve "seed vitality" often associated with immature tubers. Expand
Effects of differential rates of nitrogen and phosphorus on early blight in potatoes
The data suggest that this combination of nutrients may be related to early blight resistance in the plant by extending the period of meristematic activity permitting the plant to wall off infection. Expand
Chemical composition of potatoes. III. Relationships between specific gravity and the nitrogenous constituents
SummaryKatahdin potatoes from Maine (1960 crop) were separated into high, intermediate, and low specific gravity levels immediately after harvest, then stored in the cold. Samples were withdrawnExpand
The last decade in 38 years of potash studies for potato fertilizers in Maine
SummaryThe results of a 10-year source of potash study indicate: 1) source of potash did not influence yield of potatoes, 2) sulfate and nitrate of potash were equal in their effect on the productionExpand
Chemical Composition of Potatoes. I. Preliminary Studies on the Relationships Between Specific Gravity and the Nitrogenous Constituents
SUMMARY Katahdin potatoes (1959 crop) were placed in storage at 38°F. Monthly samples were removed and separated into three specific-gravity levels---high, intermediate, and low. Total solidsExpand
Adenocarcinoma of the maxilla. Report of a case.
The successful 10-year postoperative result in this case points out the value of preoperative consultations, preoperative histopathologic examination, and the use of roentgenography for early recognition of the lesion and for postoperative proof of so-called 10- year cures. Expand
A comparison of cefonicid and cefoxitin for preventing infections after vaginal hysterectomy.
Perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis with this single-dose cephalosporin provides a cost-effective regimen that is both safe and proPHylactically effective and demonstrated little difference in side effects. Expand