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Shingled Recording for 2–3 Tbit/in $^2$
Head and media designs for shingled recording are described, targeting areal recording densities of 2-3 Tbit/in2. The potential of the designs was evaluated using micromagnetic simulations. The
Shingled Magnetic Recording on Bit Patterned Media
Shingled magnetic recording on bit patterned media with areal densities of 2-4 Tbit/in2 is examined. The use of a shingled recording scheme allows wider write poles and dots with higher anisotropy to
Simplified expression of shielded MR head response for double-layer perpendicular medium
An approximated simple expression of MR head response was given for perpendicular double-layer media. The equation was derived by modifying Fan's equation so as to be of a nonintegral form. The
A study of PRML systems for perpendicular recording using double layered medium
The influence of jitter-like noise on the performance of PRML systems in the perpendicular magnetic recording channel using a double layered medium is studied. Both the bit error rate (BER)
Microstructure and magnetic properties of CoPtCr-SiO/sub 2/ perpendicular recording media
SiO/sub 2/ added CoPtCr magnetic layers are employed for perpendicular recording media. The microstructure, magnetic properties, and recording performance of these media are discussed. Very fine
Depth profile of spin and orbital magnetic moments in a subnanometer Pt film on Co
The magnetic properties of a few atomic Pt layers on a 15-nm-thick Co film were studied by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy at the Pt ${L}_{2,3}$ edges. The spin and orbital magnetic
Read/Write Channel Modeling and Two-Dimensional Neural Network Equalization for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording
An accurate medium modeling method of discretized granular medium with non-magnetic grain boundaries using a discrete Voronoi diagram and a two-dimensional neural network equalizer (2D-NNE) is proposed to mitigate the influence of intertrack interference and jitter-like medium noise.
Simplified Neural Network Equalizer With Noise Whitening Function for GPRML System
A new design method of the simplified neural network equalizer (NNE) with the noise whitening function for a generalized partial response (GPR) channel is proposed, which provides almost equivalent performance to that of GPR1ML-NNE having a 16-state detector.
Optimization of the SiO/sub 2/ content in CoPtCr-SiO/sub 2/ perpendicular recording media for high-density recording
Optimization of the SiO/sub 2/ content for high-density recording was discussed for {(Co/sub 90/Cr/sub 10/)/sub 80/Pt/sub 20/}/sub 100-Z/-{SiO/sub 2/}/sub Z/ perpendicular recording media. The grain
Preliminary study on (CoPtCr/NiFe)-SiO/sub 2/ hard/soft-stacked perpendicular recording media
Hard/soft-stacked perpendicular recording media were proposed in order to improve recording writability without notable changes in thermal stability and noise performance. A preliminary study on