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Impaired expression of sex hormone receptors in male reproductive organs of diabetic rat in response to oral antidiabetic drugs.
Histological structure as well ER and AR expression in the system organs were negatively and significantly affected with all studied drugs and metformin has the least effect on the structure of the studied male reproductive organs. Expand
l-Carnitine, but not coenzyme Q10, enhances the anti-osteoporotic effect of atorvastatin in ovariectomized rats
  • H. Murad
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE B
  • 10 January 2016
Coadministration of l-carnitine, but not coenzyme Q10, enhances the anti-osteoporotic effect of atorvastatin while antagonizing myopathy in ovariectomized rats, and could be valuable in treatment of osteoporosis patients. Expand
Thearubigins protect against acetaminophen-induced hepatic and renal injury in mice: biochemical, histopathological, immunohistochemical, and flow cytometry study
Thearubigins protected against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity in mice possibly through their antioxidant activity. Expand
Pattern of use and awareness of contents, benefits and adverse effects of energy drinks among university students in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia.
Interventional measures were considered inappropriate by most respondents and they preferred healthcare personnel to educate them instead of commercial companies, and energy drinks issue should be taken seriously by healthcare authorities. Expand
Effect of metformin and pioglitazone on β-catenin and biochemical markers in sitagliptin-induced pancreatitis in diabetic rats
The decrease in β-catenin seems to be involved in reversal of sitagliptin-associated pancreatitis by metformin or pioglitazone, which may be due to better effectiveness in controlling diabetes. Expand
Mentha longifolia protects against acetic-acid induced colitis in rats.
ML (in moderate doses) and eucalyptol (dose-dependently) exerted protective effects against acetic acid-induced colitis in rats possibly through antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties suggesting a potential benefit in treatments of IBD. Expand
Does Curcumin or Pindolol Potentiate Fluoxetine's Antidepressant Effect by a Pharmacokinetic or Pharmacodynamic Interaction?
Curcumin, more than pindolol enhanced the antidepressant effect of a subeffective dose of fluoxetine in mice without increasing its serum or brain levels excluding any pharmacokinetic interaction. Expand
Black Tea Extract and its Thearubigins Relieve the Sildenafil‐Induced Delayed Gut Motility in Mice: A Possible Role of Nitric Oxide
In this study we hypothesize that a standardized black tea aqueous extract (BTE) and thearubigins, its main polyphenolic pigments, will improve sildenafil‐induced delay in gastric emptying (GE) andExpand
Co-inhalation of roflumilast, rather than formoterol, with fluticasone more effectively improves asthma in asthmatic mice
It was shown that co-inhalation of roflumilast and fluticasone significantly decreased airway hyperresponsiveness in ovalumin-asthmatic mice and more significantly improved inflammation and histopathological changes. Expand
Candesartan, rather than losartan, improves motor dysfunction in thioacetamide-induced chronic liver failure in rats
Minimal hepatic encephalopathy is more common than the acute syndrome. Losartan, the first angiotensin-II receptor blocker (ARB), and candesartan, another widely-used ARB, have protected againstExpand