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A multivariate repeat-sales model for estimating house price indices
Abstract In the Case–Shiller repeat-sales housing price index method, the effect of age is embedded into the model's estimates of the time effect. This paper develops a multivariate repeat-salesExpand
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The Structure of Urban Land Prices
Recognition of the existence of nonlinear land prices has an impact on the measurement of the rate at which land price declines with distance from the urban center. It is hypothesized that concaveExpand
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Redevelopment Decisions for Commercial and Industrial Properties
The empirical work in this study serves as a test of the principle that redevelopment of a property will occur when the value of the existing bundle, plus demolition costs, is less than or equal toExpand
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Land Prices and Land Assembly in the CBD
There is substantial empirical evidence of price concavity in the parcel-size dimension across land-use types and across urban regions. This article examines the degree to which concavity variesExpand
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Dynamics of the urban zoning structure: An empirical investigation of zoning change
Abstract This study empirically examines the role of land prices in the decision to rezone vacant land from one land use to another. Although the study of zoning and related issues is wellExpand
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An Empirical Study of Sample-Selection Bias in Indices of Commercial Real Estate
Real estate price indices based solely on samples of sold properties may not accurately represent the population of properties due to potential sample-selection bias. This study addresses thisExpand
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Chicago's Office Market: Price Indices, Location and Time
Conventional wisdom holds that overbuilding and high vacancy, coupled with curtailed tax benefits, have led to reduced office property values since the late 1980s. Yet assertions that office realExpand
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Bargaining Strength and Property Class in Office Markets
This paper examines the influence of bargaining power and property class on the prices of heterogeneous goods. Specifically, it explores the impact of buyer and seller characteristics on theExpand
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Racial Discrimination and Mortgage Lending
Looking at a sample of conventional fixed-rate mortgages, this paper examines whether lending practices are consistent with the competitive hypothesis that the racial and ethnic composition of theExpand
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Incentives and Performance in Real Estate Brokerage
This article has two objectives. One is to offer a theoretical model to study how the difference in commission structures affects the performance of agents at full-commission firms (e.g., RE/MAXExpand
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