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Effects of extracellular environments on the motility of spermatozoa in several marine sculpins with internal gametic association
Abstract 1. 1. The motility of spermatozoa in several marine sculpins, which exhibit a special reproductive manner of the internal gametic association, was measured in various artificial solutions,Expand
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Sympatric speciation in a genus of marine reef fishes
Sympatric speciation has been contentious since its inception, yet is increasingly recognized as important based on accumulating theoretical and empirical support. Here, we present a compelling caseExpand
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Dependance of paternity rates on alternative reproductive behaviors in the squid Loligo bleekeri
The mating behavior of captive Loligo bleekeri and the paternity of the resulting prog- eny were examined based on behavioral observations and genetic analyses. In this species, there are 3 matingExpand
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Structure of the seminal receptacle and sperm storage in the Japanese pygmy squid
To examine the mechanism of sperm storage in Idiosepius paradoxus, here we describe aspects of the mating behavior of I. paradoxus and the morphology of the spermatozoa and the seminal receptacleExpand
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Embryonic Development of the Hair Crab Erimacrus Isenbeckii
ABSTRACT External morphological changes in embryos of the hair crab Erimacrus isenbeckii (Brandt) reared in the laboratory were observed. Embryonic development was divided into 9 stages based onExpand
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Social system and reproduction of helpers in a cooperatively breeding cichlid fish (Julidochromis ornatus) in Lake Tanganyika: field observations and parentage analyses
It is suggested that some fish of the genus Julidochromis, substrate-brooding Tanganyikan cichlids with biparental care, breed cooperatively with helpers. We studied the social system of J. ornatusExpand
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Evidence for divergent natural selection of a Lake Tanganyika cichlid inferred from repeated radiations in body size
Divergent natural selection is thought to play a vital role in speciation, but clear, measurable examples from nature are still few. Among the many possible sources of divergent natural selection,Expand
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Obstructive Role of the Dimorphic Sperm in a Non-copulatory Marine Sculpin, Hemilepidotus gilberti, to Prevent Other Males' Eusperm from Fertilization
In many species of animals, males normally produce parasperm (dimorphic sperm) along with eusperm (normal sperm) during spermatogenesis. In the present study, to clarify the role of parasperm of theExpand
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Dimorphic Sperm Influence Semen Distribution in a Non-copulatory Sculpin Hemilepidotus Gilberti
We used an artificial semen emission test to examine the semen transporting role of parasperm (unflagellated sperm), which are produced along with eusperm (normal sperm) by an incomplete meiosis inExpand
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Internal Gametic Association and External Fertilization in the Elkhorn Sculpin, Alcichthys alcicornis
Morphological studies have demonstrated that fertilization in the copulating cottid species, the elkhorn sculpin (Alcichthys alcicornis), in which fertilization previously has been assumed to occurExpand
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