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A novel method of immobilizing antibodies on a quartz crystal microbalance using plasma-polymerized films for immunosensors.
A novel method of immobilizing antibodies on quartz crystals for use in immunosensors was developed using an ethylenediamine plasma-polymerized film matrix. The films formed on the quartz crystalsExpand
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Plasma-polymerized films for biosensors
Biosensors are devices that use a biological reaction for detecting target analytes by generating a quantifiable electronic signal. They are powerful tools used in medical diagnostics, food-qualityExpand
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Application of polymer-embedded proteins to fabrication of DNA array.
A plasma-polymerized film (PPF) of hexamethyldisiloxane [HMDS; (CH(3))(3)SiOSi(CH(3))(3)] was used to immobilize streptavidin on a glass substrate. Another layer of HMDS-PPF was also applied to theExpand
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An amperometric biosensor based on a composite of single-walled carbon nanotubes, plasma-polymerized thin film, and an enzyme.
We report on an amperometric biosensor that is based on a nanocomposite of carbon nanotubes (CNT), a nano-thin plasma-polymerized film (PPF), and glucose oxidase (GOx) as an enzyme model. A mixtureExpand
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Integration of microfabricated needle-type glucose sensor devices with a novel thin-film Ag/AgCl electrode and plasma-polymerized thin film: mass production techniques.
We developed an integrated array of needle-type biosensors employing a novel process of fabrication, comprising conventional semiconductor fabrication and micromachining technology. AmperometricExpand
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Amperometric biosensor based on multilayer containing carbon nanotube, plasma-polymerized film, electron transfer mediator phenothiazine, and glucose dehydrogenase.
We report on a novel fabrication approach of amperometric biosensor based on multilayer films containing carbon nanotubes (CNT), a nano-thin plasma-polymerized film (PPF), electron transfer mediatorExpand
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Adsorption of glucose oxidase onto plasma-polymerized film characterized by atomic force microscopy, quartz crystal microbalance, and electrochemical measurement.
Adsorption of glucose oxidase (GOD) onto plasma-polymerized thin films (PPF) with nanoscale thickness was characterized by atomic force microscopy (AFM), quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), andExpand
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Electrochemical Study of Dopamine at Electrode Fabricated by Cellulose-Assisted Aqueous Dispersion of Long-Length Carbon Nanotube
A long-length (hundred micrometers) carbon nanotube is successfully dispersed in aqueous solution with surfactant cellulose while maintaining its length. An electrochemical study of the syntheticExpand
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Nanothin ferrocene film plasma polymerized over physisorbed glucose oxidase: high-throughput fabrication of bioelectronic devices without chemical modifications.
We describe a method for creating a mediator-containing interface between an enzyme and an electrode, achieving simpler and more reliable immobilization of the enzyme with the enhanced detectionExpand
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Light Dose and Time Dependency of Photodynamic Cell Membrane Damage
We have investigated the light dose and time dependency of photodynamic cell membrane damage using electrophysiological methods. This study controls the level of cell membrane damage by preciselyExpand
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