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Currents and Sediment Transport in Mangrove Forests
Abstract A field study of the tidal currents, cohesive sediment dynamics and transport of organic carbon in a highly vegetated mangrove swamp was carried out at Middle Creek, Cairns, Australia. TheExpand
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Seasonal variability in the relationship between body length and individual dry weight as related to food abundance and clutch size in two coexisting Daphnia species
Dry weights of individual Daphnia galeata and D. hyalina, which coexist in Lake Con- stance, were determined weekly during a two year investigation. From each sample and each species a length —Expand
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On the dry deposition of ozone and reactive nitrogen species
Abstract Dry deposition of ozone and reactive nitrogen species, such as NO, NO2, NO3, N2O5, HNO3, NH3 and NH4NO3, is examined in the context of numerical methods. These methods are based on theExpand
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Heregulins Implicated in Cellular Functions Other Than Receptor Activation
Heregulins (HRG) are known as soluble secreted growth factors that, on binding and activating ErbB3 and ErbB4 cell surface receptors, are involved in cell proliferation, metastasis, survival, andExpand
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Structure and vibrations of phenol⋅CH3OH (CD3OD) in the electronic ground and excited state, revealed by spectral hole burning and dispersed fluorescence spectroscopy
The intermolecular vibrations of phenol(CH3OH)1 and its deuterated isotopomer d‐phenol(CD3OD)1 were examined by comparing the vibrational frequencies of the electronic ground and excited state withExpand
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Biological Rhythms of Electrophysiological and Endocrinological Parameters in Acute and Chronic Intracranial Lesions
In living individuals different kinds of rhythmic organization are known, of which the 24-h “circardian” rhythm is the best known. Even in the case of missing external “Zeitgebers” (indicators ofExpand
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Model studies on the accumulation of herbicides by microalgae
Today herbicides are used in greater amounts than insecticides and they can cause contamination of natural waters in several ways. Nevertheless we only have little information on their action andExpand
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