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Global Communication in Transition: The End of Diversity?
World Communication A History and Interpretation Technology and Society Communication and Power The Making of Community Language and Instructional Communication The Remaking of Community The Case ofExpand
Islamic Peril: Media and Global Violence
MEDIA AND EDUCATION Islamic Peril: Media and Global Violence, by Karim H. Karim. Montral, New York, and London: Black Rose Books, 2000. x + 196 pages. Index to p. 204. $53.99 cloth; $24.95 paper.Expand
Global information and world communication : new frontiers in international relations
World Politics in Transition New Frontiers in International Relations International Flow of Information A Framework of Analysis News and Views Designing the World's Symbolic Environment BroadcastingExpand
Global Information and World Communication
Technology versus Tradition: Communication in the Iranian Revolution
Analysis of the “conflict between the official culture of the government … and the traditional culture of the masses rooted in Iranian national and religious traditions.”
The Passing of Modernity: Communication and the Transformation of Society
Development - a field in search of itself beyond developmentalism - a framework of analysis contending theories and approaches to communication and development culture, society, and communicationExpand
Communication and development
Three major challenges now confront the communication and development field. First, after a short period of pause and reflection in the 1970s, the so‐called modernization paradigm has been reinventedExpand