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Mesure tridimensionnelle de champs cinématiques par imagerie volumique pour l'analyse des matériaux et des structures
Surface digital image correlation techniques are extended to the analysis of volume data obtained from X-ray computed tomography with micrometric resolution or serial reconstruction obtained underExpand
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Experimental characterization of the intragranular strain field in columnar ice during transient creep
A digital image correlation (DIC) technique has been adapted to polycrystalline ice specimens in order to characterize the development of strain heterogeneities at an intragranular scale duringExpand
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Bounds and estimates for the effective yield surface of porous media with a uniform or a nonuniform distribution of voids
Abstract This paper aims at studying the effects of a nonuniform distribution of voids on the macroscopic yield response of porous media with a rigid-perfectly plastic matrix. For this purpose, aExpand
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Effect of a nonuniform distribution of voids on the plastic response of voided materials: a computational and statistical analysis
This study investigates the overall and local response of porous media composed of a perfectly plastic matrix weakened by stress-free voids. Attention is focused on the specific role played byExpand
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Macroscopic behavior and field fluctuations in viscoplastic composites: Second-order estimates versus full-field simulations
This work presents a combined numerical and theoretical study of the effective behavior and statistics of the local fields in random viscoplastic composites. The full-field numerical simulations areExpand
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Multiscale modeling of ice deformation behavior
Understanding the flow of ice in glaciers and polar ice sheets is of increasing relevance in a time of potentially significant climate change. The flow of ice has hitherto received relatively littleExpand
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Multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of polycrystalline ice under transient creep
Abstract Ice is a challenging material for understanding the overall behavior of polycrystalline materials and more specifically the coupling between elastic and viscous e_ects during transientExpand
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A self-consistent estimate for linear viscoelastic polycrystals with internal variables inferred from the collocation method
The correspondence principle is customarily used with the Laplace–Carson transform technique to tackle the homogenization of linear viscoelastic heterogeneous media. The main drawback of this methodExpand
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Numerical simulations and modeling of the effective plastic flow surface of a biporous material with pressurized intergranular voids
This study is devoted to the effective plastic flow surface of a biporous polycrystalline material, with an intragranular porosity consisting of spherical voids, and an intergranular porosityExpand
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